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Bonnie B
06-05-07, 04:42
Hello Everyone !

Just a little opener. I was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and still live here. My deceased father was born in Petalax, Finland (near Vasa) and sailed to Halifax from Gothenburg in 1930 when he was 17. I have just recently got interested in genealogy when a friend and I found my father on a passenger list of the Kungsholm ship. Very exciting! (and that's just one generation back !!)

Also, after a trip back to Finland in Oct. 2005, I reconnected with more relatives and now we email and Skype everyday. What fun !

Wondering if anyone on this forum is related to me thru the name Frans ??

For those of you connected to 'Sointula, BC', my husband and I boat in that area every other year.

Hejdå for now, Bonnie

June Pelo
06-05-07, 17:40

Welcome to Finlander. I'm sure many of us have Frans names in our database. Can you be more specific with names and dates of your Frans relatives.


03-11-07, 04:52
Hello Bonnie,
I don't have Frans in my family (that I know of), but I was also born on Vancouver Island. Campbell River to be exact. Welcome to Finlander, and good luck with your search!