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Jaska Sarell
07-05-07, 21:08
Hi all,

Some of you may remember that Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest last year, first time victory for Finland. So this year Finland has to arrange the contest. The time is near, semifinal will be held on Thursday 10th May and the final on Saturday 12th, both at 22:00 Finnish time (20:00 GMT, 3:00 pm EST).

You may read about the contest and watch the participants on these websites:
YLE - Eurovision (http://www.yle.fi/eurovision/main.php?id=662)
Eurovision Song Contest site (http://www.eurovision.tv/)

You may not be a fan of this kind of music (whatever it is this year...), but the final show has always represented something of the arranging country's own culture.

See the calendar details at Eurovision Song Contest site (http://www.eurovision.tv/) about live webcast or possible non-European tv channels.

Have fun!
:) Jaska

07-05-07, 22:35
Eurovision used to be brilliant
I watched it faithfully each year
But whooah, it's got too political
Oh dear oh dear oh dear!!!
Cyprus, Greece, the answer's clear
Baltic states obvious too
Glad it's come to Finland this year
But for the first year in 30 boo hoo!
I'm not watching, I've had enough
Don't need any more , no way
I'm off to a 60th birthday party
I'll enjoy that much more, oh yay!!

Not bothering to tape it either. Sorry Jaska. For the past 30 years I have watched Eurovision faithfully and have even put one or two comments on Finlander about it, but I think Brits have had enough - even with the marvellous Terry Wogan to keep us going.!!

Jaska Sarell
08-05-07, 19:14
That voting part should not be taken too seriously :rolleyes:
Indeed Turkey is always on top in Germany due to Turkish immigrants, countries that were part of former Yugoslavia vote each other, former Soviet republics have enough Russians to keep Russia high etc.
And majority of the music is complete rubbish in whatever standard :(

But since 1994, when Riverdance appeared during the interval in Dublin contest, I have waited for that interval performance, if I have watched the contest at all (not too regularly). This year they'll have something by Apocalypse, a Finnish band of cellists playing heavy metal. I remember one of them from his early teens from the local music school concerts.
The postcard videos between performances give a humorous view of various aspects of Finnish life.

Maybe the non-Europeans are interested in the contest as such, who knows.
Anyway, now they are held in Helsinki - the only reason I informed about it.

Gwenda, enjoy the party!

:) Jaska

12-05-07, 10:30
I'm weakening!!! I'm going to set the video before I go out tonight to tape Eurovision - will watch it tomorrow, although by then I will probably know the result. Not that I am an addict or anything??? But it is coming from Finland, and I am quarter Finnish, so must be patriotic!:) :D

13-05-07, 11:30
I have just sat through a fast forwarded version of Eurovision this morning, Sunday, and enjoyed most of it, especially the interval act. What on earth was the pink lady all about, and what was she on? Very strange experience, that! Once again though, no comment about the political voting.:rolleyes: :eek: :(

13-05-07, 21:28
Pink Lady ?

She is a well-known Finnish comedian Krisse Salminen.

She pretends to be a perfect blonde who sure KNOWS that she is THE beauty queen of the whole wide world. She is something like Borat


13-05-07, 22:33
Ok Juha

I did think she was funny, but think I lost something in the translation. BUT who's Borat?????:confused: Glad Eurovision is another 12 months away.