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08-05-07, 18:29
I am the great granddaughter of Peter Huttunen and Anna Karhunen (not sure of spellings) Who came to US in 1903 and settled as Niemi in SW Washington State. Passport list Kuopion pit as home parish.
Some came at later date from helsingfors and his name was Kalle Huttunen born in Karttula. Passenger list has his date of birth around 1887 and Anna would have been his aunt/stepmother. Petter Huttunen was first married to my great grandmothers sister who passed away.

R Kalander
17-05-07, 02:00
Hi Jen...

I grew up in Astoria, Oregon (NW Oregon and right across the river)
There were and still are Niemi s that live there and have been there several

It might be worth a look for you... Good Luck!


17-05-07, 12:34

There is an Kalle Huttunen from Helsingfors arraving to New York on the 28 of Nov 1922. He is comng from Gothenburg, Sweden with the ship Drottningholm. He is going to his father Peter Niemi R.1 Box52 A Woodland Wash. Heīs nearest relative in Finland is Uncle Sakari Huttunen Kuopio Vaajasalo

In the cencus of 1920 there is a Peter and Anni Niemi living in Reno, Cowlitz ,Washington
Household members are
Peter Niemi 64
Anni Niemi 54
Ocea Niemi 14 Son Born in Washington
Lily Niemi 12 Daughter Born in Washington
Edith Niemi 9
Weikko Niemi 7
Empi Niemi 5 Born in july
Peter have immigrated in 1903 And Annie in 1904.

In the cencus of 1910 the family is living in Lancaster Cowlitz Washington
Houshold members are
Peter Niemi 52
Anni Niemi 40
Ukko Niemi 10 son Born in Finland
Vino Niemi 9 son Born in Finland
Ocea Niemi 4 son
Tilly Niemi 3 Daughter
Ada Niemi 1 Daughter

Washington Births 1907-1919
Name Kino Niemi Birth date 3 apr 1912 Gender Male Birth location Cowlitz Fatherīs name Peter Niemi Motherīs name Anna Karhuner

Name Lebi Lynti Niemi Birth date 9 jun 1914 Gender Female Birth location Cowlitz Fatherīs name Peter Niemi Motherīs name Anna Karhuner

On the 19 of september 1904 Anni Niemi and the 2 children Ukko and Vieno are arraving to New York on the ship United states from Copenhagen. They are going to Annies husband Peter Niemi in Portland Oregon. They are coming from Kuopio.

Passanger and Immigration Lists Index 1500s-1900s about Peter Niemi
Name Peter Niemi
Year 1859-1920
Source Publication Code 2872.1
State Washington
Primary Immigrant Niemi Peter
Annotation Place of Naturalization. Source provides the page numbers of the naturalization dokuments in the records of Cowlitz County Clerk
Source Bibliagrophy HAGLE, CHARLOTTE TADLOCK,COwlitz County Washington Naturalizations , Comprehensive Index, Cowlitz County,Territory and state of Washington,1859-1920, Naturalizations records, Longview , WA; Lower Columbia Genealogical society , P.O Box 472 Longview 98632, 1990. 53 p
Page 28

MVH Kerstin