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Rodney K. Hasting
10-05-07, 06:03
Hello to all;
I have been trying to find the E-Mail address of the Parish of Lapptrask/or/ Lapinjarvi, Finland. I am finding out, Genealogy is an art form in it self. I am tracking down info. on Anders (Nyberg) Carlsson, and it leads me into Lapptrask. I found a ton of info. on my roots with Karl Johan Osterlund.
Have fun in your searches, RKH

10-05-07, 07:00
Lappträsks svenska församling

Web: http://www.lapptraskevl.fi

Lappträskvägen 24 A


Telephone +358 (0)19 530 720
Fax +358 (0)19 530 711

Btw - you can find contact information to parishes in Finland from this (http://www.evl.fi) address. Their new English language web site is due during the Summer