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David Bawden
11-05-07, 00:29
I have run out of ideas and sources in trying to find my grandmother's family in Finland. All I have to go off is her marriage certificate, immigration records at Ellis Island and notes I took twenty years ago when I visited the Purmo. Any help you can provide would be appreciated in locating our ancestors and vital statistics. Here are Hanna's:

My Grandmother: Hanna Nylund (b: 11.3.1887 farm unknown) emigrated to US in 1908 to join and marry her Bäcksbacka sweetheart in Butte Montana. On the ship's manifest she noted "Josnit? Forsby, Finland" as her last residence and a "Nils Nylund" as her father. These entries are hard to read and may not be accurate. She traveled with a "Johan Nyholm" of "Naas" and both were heading for Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Parents (from U.S. Marriage certificate): "Matts Johnson" & "Greta Erickson"

Other Siblings: Johan Viktor Nylund (b:22.11.1872 d:10.2.1933 Purmo*) Alfred Nylund (to America), Herman Nylund (b:24.1.1878 d:2.12.1965 Purmo*) Emma Nylund, Mari Nylund (b:5.10.1889 Caryale?, to America), Manda Nylund

*note: I visited Viktor and Herman's graves when I came to the Purmo area with my mother and took a picture of them. I also visited the family farmhouse where Hanna was born. It was still in the family and occupied by a relative, Erik Nylund.

I had Nylund/Sjoblom relatives in the area (Purmo, Naars and Jakobstad) that I visited and have recently written. Unfortunately I have not received any reply in several months.

I've searched HisKi, Communion Books, and Census Records but simply do not have enough information to make any more connection at this time.

12-05-07, 18:31
Joskitt or Jåskitt is a farm in Forsby village, Pedersöre parish. When Purmo was a part of Pedersöre Forsby and it's surroundings were called Nederpurmo. The rest of Purmo was called Överpurmo, because it was situated higher up along the Purmo river.


12-05-07, 19:11
Hello David!

I have noticed your thread some time ago but not replied. I personally know some of the people you mentioned. I don't think that Erik Nylund can read or write in English without translation help. I also know the Sjoblom you mentioned. Most of them are Baptists so they can't be found on Hiski. The Baptists were registrated in another database.

If you want to, I can phone them and see what kind of information they can provide you.

Christian Dahlin

David Bawden
14-05-07, 18:57
Thank you. I sent you a private message. The Baptist Data Base sounds interesting. Can I access this on line? If so, where? I'll have to read up on this Baptist connection and find out more.

14-05-07, 20:21
Hello David!

I have not received any private message from you yet, but you are welcome!

Most of these small "free congregations" (Baptists, Pentecostal Church, Methodists, aso.) don't keep official records on born-buried-married the same way as the Lutheran Church do to their members. They are instead registrated in another national database, "befolkningsregister". I must say that I don't know if there are any access on line to this register. Sometimes this divided-record-system cause trouble for genealogists.

The Lutheran Church is a so called state-church with rights to college taxes from their members but the same way it must give some common service to the entire population, i.e. keeping cemeteries, records of members to the state and so on.


b hietala
15-05-07, 00:44
Hello David,

I have no information that would help you. However, I am interested in your post for another reason. I have a daughter-in-law whose has family ties to Butte, MT. I believe her grandmothers name on her father's side was Niland. Because Butte is a historic mining town, it attracted a large number of Finnish immigrants and still boasts a large Finnish population. The old Helsinki Bar used to have several saunas downstairs and it was said if you weren't at least 1/2 Finn they would throw you out. St. Urho still competes every year with St. Paddy (large Irish population too) and you can still stay in the Finland Hotel in downtown Butte. So, trivia aside, because of this strong Finnish presence in Butte, and because my daughter-in-law is unable to trace her Niland history.. I just have a sneaking suspicion that her family history on that side could have actually been Nylund. Spelling changes over time are not that uncommon. If you have any information on members of the Nylund family in Butte, I would greatly appreciate it... Kittos BH

David Bawden
15-05-07, 17:43
I have no other information at this time. I did find the following:

Mount Moriah Cemetary (no Nilands found)


Montana Census Records: Nylund

1890 None
1900 John Nylund of Butte, Immigrated 1886 from Finland, born: Feb 1859
Victor Nylund of Silver Bow Township, Immigrated 1874 from Finland,
born: June 1854, Wife: Christina, Immigrated 1877 from Denmark,
born: Mar 1848, married 18 years, no children noted
1910 Jack Nyund, age 31, from Finland, Immigrated 1887
1920 None

Montana Census Records Niland

1900 Andrew Niland of Cascade County, born in Finland, age 30
Issac Niland of Cascade County, born in Finland, age 30
1910 Roland Niland of Butte, age 45, born in Delaware
1920 William Niland of Butte, age 59 born in Ireland

Kaj Granlund
29-05-07, 19:49
Just a small correction to Christian. The lutheran church is not a "state-church". but a folk´s church. There is the difference that a state church has a lot of connections to the parliament or president and even internal church matters are regulated by the state. That's not the case of the lutheran church. Our church counsil desides abt internal matters, we elect the bishops not the president and more like that. The folk's churches ( greek orthodox and lutheran ) have a special legislation compared with other denominations. But yes we collect the church tax. But it is a member fee that just members pay.

As I last asked where the baptis records are kept I was informed that they are at the national archive in Helsinki. But never did check if that is correct.

June Pelo
29-05-07, 20:17

I don't know if there's any connection, but I have an Alfred Nylund, b. 22 Sep 1874 in Finland who emigrated to America 1895 (Ludington, MI?) and married to Ida Sofia Andersdotter Majander, b. 7 Oct 1867, Karleby, Finland. She then married to Johan Jonson and lived in Oregon. She and Alfred had children: Adina, Edith, Edna, Walter, Irving. Family lived in Rhinelander, WI 1910 and 1920. I once had a query from Asko Parviala in Finland about Ida Majander.


David Bawden
25-12-08, 20:04
Thanks to all who have helped me in this project. You have connected me up with my Finnish relatives and other Nylund family researchers and sources (thank especially to Karl-Gustav, Christian, June, and Kaj).

I've given my GEDCOM for posting on the Talko database. Further inquiries or corrections appreciated as I continue my research.