View Full Version : Digitizing LDS records

June Pelo
11-05-07, 21:28
Got this notice and thought I'd put it online:

The LDS Church has been very busy digitizing their records (over 2 million rolls of microfilm) and others. These records will eventually be made available for free online, but what good will digitized records be if you can't find any of the information on them? That's where you come in.

FamilySearch Indexing is a massive project designed to create indexes for all of these records, and you are invited to help. You can do this from the privacy of your home, and it is really quite easy.

Simply visit:

http://www.FamilySearchIndexing.org to find out more information, or to volunteer. Various other organizations are also involved, including NEHGS, the Ohio Genealogical Society, the Indiana Genealogical Society, and the Black History Museum and Cultural Center.

The sooner these records are indexed, the sooner they will be available for all of us to use for free, so if you have a little spare time, or if you have friends or family who would like to help, visit the website above to volunteer.