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Rodney K. Hasting
12-05-07, 15:57
Hello to all;
I am still searching for lost family members. I seek information of Captain Karl Johan Osterlund, born August 24, 1837, in Grundsunda Vardo. He is my G-G-Grandfather. He was a merchantship captain sometime between 1860-1900s.
He married Anna Matilda Carlsdotter in 1862, in Saltvik, Aland, Finland. Looking for more information about him, and the name of his ship. His father was Karl Magnus Osterlund, his mother was Johanna Eriksdotter. He had 11 siblings, but 6 of them died young, and the 5 remaining emigrated to the U.S.A. I would like to fine more information on Karl Johan Osterlund, and his ship, as this ship carried my Karl August Nyberg's family to the New World. Thank You for reading, Rodney K. Hasting

Ingemar Ekman
13-05-07, 21:37
Some information about Karl Johan’s family according to Håkan Skogsjö’s book ”Families and farms in Vårdö” from 2001.

Blacksmith and farmer Karl Magnus Österlund born 8 Aug 1813 in Grundsunda, Vårdö,
died 24 Mar 1895 married 20 Apr 1835 to Johanna Eriksdotter b 21 Dec 1815 in Mickelsö Vårdö died 6 dec 1890.
Some of their children:

Karl Johan was the oldest son born 24 Aug 1837

Serafia Gustava born 6 Jan 1842 married 30 Dec 1864 to Skipper Anders Karlsson b 1826, his 3rd marriage.
Anders drowned when his ketch Julia was shipwrecked 28 Oct 1881 in the sea between Åland and Sweden. (at least 3 of their common children emigrated to USA)

Gustav Erik born 26 Oct 1844, sea captain, married 1880 to Vendla Viktoria Wennström b 1859
(at least their son Erhard Gustav Severin Österlund b 20 Dec 1896 emigrated to USA and was married there)

Johanna Mathilda born 24 Feb 1859 married 1882 to skipper Erik Gustav Wennström b 1857
(at least their son David Wennström b 30 Jan 1889 emigrated to Los Angeles CA, an article about him in Anders Myhrman’s book “ Finlandssvenskar i USA” page 321, also David’s brothers Gustav Eskil Wennström and Karl Ragnar Wnnström emigrated to USA)

Ida Viktoria born 23 Feb 1861 married 1885 to sailor Frans Oskar Lovén b 1858
( at least 5 of their children emigrated to USA : Paul Oskar Emanuel Lovén b 1886, Fredrik Saul Valdemar Lovén b 1887, Karl Aron Magnus Lovén b 1889, Frans Levi Alfons Lovén b 1892, Ida Mathilda Teresia Lovén b 1893)

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29-11-09, 21:10
Just found out that my distant "cousin" was (maybe) a blacksmith Magnus Österlund from Vårdö, married with Sophia Lindqvist..

I do know that one Magnus Ericsson was born in Tenhola in 1781 and some of his siblins used the surname Österlund

Is this Tenhola Magnus same as Vårdö Magnus?


Ingemar Ekman
29-11-09, 21:57
Hi Juha,
According to Håkan Skogsjö´s book "Familjer & Gårdar i Vårdö" , family 251: Magnus Österlund born 10 March 1781 in Tenala, died 7 Jun 1852 in Grundsunda Vårdö, married 10 Jul 1810 in Tenala to Sofia Lindqvist b 3 May 1790 in Tenala, died 12 Feb 1857 in Grundsunda. Their 3 children Jakob Johan Österlund b 5 Jul 1811, Karl Magnus Österlund b 8 Aug 1813 and Gustav Österlund b 27 Oct 1815.
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30-11-09, 09:42
Thank You,

It seems that I got a whole new world to explore.

Magnus Österlund's grandparents are my ancestors. His father Erik Eriksson had a sister Märta, who married Abram Eriksson, a tenant in Kajala by , Kisko parish

Mr. Abram Eriksson is my ffmfff