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Rodney K. Hasting
13-05-07, 14:58
Hello to one and all;
I am still searching for information for Karl Johan Osterlund, and waiting for a few e-mail replies. It is not easy looking for historic Seafareers, if one does not know where to look. I had gotten the cart-before-the-horse, as I just need the name of the merchantship, but found an great site for information on historic ships, and other great things. NORWAY-HERITAGE, hands across the sea, E-mail address, http://www.norwayheritage.com/
For genealogist, this is a great site for all kinds of information, mostly of historic ship, passenger list, image gallery, and much more.
If you know of a site where I can search for information of Karl Johan Osterlund, merchant sea Captain, Please let me know. Thank you for reading, Rodney K. Hasting.
P.S., I was asked by a member about my e-mail name, devillant*peoplepc.com , don't worry, it's nothing evil, it's just the title to my movie script.

Ingemar Ekman
13-05-07, 17:56
Hello Rodney,
I suggest you to send a question to Åland Maritime Museum. They have an archive. Their email address according to their home page is info*sjofartsmuseum.aland.fi
Their home page in English
Best Regards,