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26-10-03, 03:20
Hi! My name is Heather Anderson. I'm new to this site and I guess this is the first stop!

I live in Pennsylvania, USA with my husband and 3 children. I've been researching my family (from England) since I was 7 yrs old and have now begun researching my husband's family lines(from Sweden and Finland).

My husband is Dennis Anderson.

His father is Dennis J Anderson
gfather - Berger Anderson
ggfather- Andrew Anderson (who came from Sweden) and married Anna Sten (from Finland)

Anna Sten is who I am currently searching for. What I know of her is as follows....

b. 1865-1870 (passport and UScensus's says 65, passenger lists say 70)

US census reports she came to america in 1892 however the closest I came to finding her name in passenger lists was a *Johanne Sten*.

1899 obtained a passport in Vaasa, Finland stating her home parish as Korsnas.

I am new to researching outside the USA and cannot leave my children to go clue hunting in Finland and so I am doing what any other 21st century home-bound person would do.... Hitting the internet!

Looking for links to our family across the oceans from my very own living room!

I was referred here by Staffan from another message board. If you are all as friendly as Staffan then I can see I've found new friends already!

I am looking forward to browsing the messages here!

12-01-04, 20:58
Hi Heather

I got information foroyou about Anna Maria Sten and her son Gabriel from Korsnäs.My wife Marlene is related to these Stens too so iŽll look for everything i got on them. Ifound information from Ellis Island too so iŽll try to attach some sides from E.island.
It takes a couple of days to get this ready so iŽll be back later.


13-01-04, 18:28
HI again Heather

If you look in " Relative search" you see the information i have about Anna Sten