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Karen K
14-05-07, 01:17
I've been reading some of the posts here and I'm hoping to get some help with my families and maybe help someone else along the way. Would like to find someone related to me. I've found quite a bit of info but no living family !!

Looking for info on....my Grandfather Isak Kanniainen [ Kan or Kann in U.S.]
Born Dec. 11, 1860 in Haapa Village, Temmes, Oulu. Parents.. Juho Johanss Kanniainen and Maria Haapa [ Haapa Pertula ]. Isak was married before 1888 in Finland and had a son Abram born about 1888 in Finland. His wife is believed to have died after Isak went to the U.S. in 1888. Abram came with Isak's mother Maria in 1894. She was a widow and brought her son Henry and a Daughter Johanna with her also. Would like to find Isak's wife and also a possible dau. believed to have died in Finland also, name and dates unknown.

Will post more later on the other forum. Thanks in advance for any help.

Karen K

14-05-07, 13:06
WWI draft regristration cards 1917-1918 about Abram Kan
County Aitkin
McGregor Minnesota
Birthplace Finland
Birth date 8 jan 1888 in Keralä, Oulu.
He´s got Weak nurves. His height is medium and he´s got brown eyes and dark hair.

For to know the name of Abrams mother and sister you can contact

Oulun hiippakunta
PB 85
90101 Uleåborg
Tel.+358(0)8 5358 510

MVH Kerstin

Karen K
14-05-07, 18:02
Thank you Kerstin !!!! I will try the address you gave. It's sure nice to have someone helping. I've been looking for the info on Abrams mother for years !!!!
Thank you again ! Karen