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Rodney K. Hasting
14-05-07, 15:56
Dear Rodney;
It is a little hard to find out which ships your anchestor Karl Johan Osterlund was in. We have information about the crews on Aland ships from 1875-1890 accessable on the computer, but after that you have to look through the books page by page, which will take some time.
The first time his name is mentioned is 1881, when Karl Johan Osterlund worked as "understyman" (second mate) onboard the ship Appelonia. 1884 he had the same occupation in the barque Oliver Cromwell. His name is not mentioned in 1885, but in 1886-1888 he again worked as "understyman" in Oliver Cromwell. Later in 1891 that ship was lost at sea, but Karl Johan was not on her anymore. I am afraid that his fate after 1890 will be harder to find since our staff is a bit short to do the research.
Best regards
Anita Pensar
I just wanted to share my e-mail from Anita, and the information she had discovered is of great importance to me, and over 200 family members here in U.S.A. Now we know a little more of who we are, and where we had came from.
Thank You for reading, Rodney K. Hasting