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16-05-07, 22:54
Hi Finlanders
Just returned back from our trip to USA,we had two interesting weeks of travelling in Minnesota,Wisconsin an UP Michigan.We met several members of finlander too,Midge Waters in Negaunee took us to swedish course evening with pea soup and pancakes.Art Englund in Pengilly took us on sightseeing´in Hibbing and the iron mines.I met my cousin Beverly Cooper for the first time and we had a great day in the city of Minneapolis.
We met a lot of other relatives too and we enjoyed these days.I had no luck with searching for tracks of my greatgrandpa Kristian Kloo this time either but maybe next time.Sorry Chuck, i forgot to taste that pastry this time too so we better come back another time.Got a bunch of genealogy questions about our relatives finnish ancestors too so this will keep me busy for some time.
The weather was of course not the best at this time of the year but this was not a sun travel so whatever, we had fun anyway.Not even your gas price that jumped up to 3 dollar/ gallon scared us, we are used to much,much higher gas price so you should not complain.