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26-10-03, 03:05
I am looking for Anna Maria Sten.

She is my husband's ggrandmother from Finland.

b. 1865?

rumored to arrive in US in 1892 but have not been able to confirm it.

1892-? servant in NY,NY, USA (story told by her grandson- unsubstantiated on paper yet)

1899 obtained a passort in Vaasa, destination amerikka ( occupation loinen?)

?married to Andrew Anderson (I have no record of the marriage as of yet but she had their first child in 1901, 1899 passport named her Anna Sten not Anderson. and the 1901 passenger list also said Sten)

1901 arrived at Ellis Island, america

1901 birthed dau. Agnes Anderson in Westport, PA, USA

1902 birthed son Berger Anderson in Westport, PA, USA

1906 birthed dau. Ellen Anderson in Westport, PA, USA

1908 found on passengers records for Ellis Island coming back to US again with Andrew and the 3 children.

1930 Westport,PA, USA census living with husband Andrew in Westport, PA, USA

I am looking for information on

1. a marriage of Andrew and Anna (I can't find anything in Wesport, PA where Andrew lived so possibly they went to Finland to marry as I understand most Swedish/Finnish couples married at the wife's home parish)

2. birth of Anna Sten possibly in Korsnas

3. Anna Sten's emigration from Finland/ immigration to america

4. Anna Sten's parentage

5. ANY information you think might be useful in my search!

I like to find the stories behind the people! So if you don't have information about this particular person then perhaps you have something to add about the life at that time in Korsnas or as a finnish servant in america. I've found often when I'm "stuck" on someone knowing the stories of the area can lead to new areas to search in.

I have MANY questions! One thing that confuses me is this.... Anna was a servant, how did she afford the relatively frequent trips to Finland? And why? How did Anna ( a servant in NY,NY meet Andrew Anderson (a farmer in Westport, PA)? So many questions!

26-10-03, 09:33
I try again.

Next week I will try to finde enything in the church record of Korsnäs.

Here is something from the net.

Institute of Migration
Detailed passport information

Last name Sten
First names Anna Maria
Other names *
Birth date
. .1865
Marital status
Religion *
Home parish Korsnäs
Passport date 20.07.1899
Passport number 2540
Passport valid (year:month)
Passport issued by
Henrik Mangs

(I deleted the previous doublette/Hasse)

27-10-03, 04:23
Thank you so much for your time and effort looking in Korsnas!

yes, that is the one passport information I found also! It is the correct Anna Sten. I've not been able to locate anything previous to that though.

Thank you again! Heather

27-10-03, 17:40
From the Church records in Korsnäs (paginas in the Church records).

Father Sten, Erik Gabrielsson. Blacksmith. Born 19/2 1835 in Korsnäs (Korsnäs Kb 1832-38 p61). Died 8/4 1876 in Korsnäs (Korsnäs Kb 1871-80 p145).
Mother Uddfolk, Anna Greta Jossdotter. Born 14/3 1833 in Uttermossa Lappfjärd.

Sten, Anna Maria Eriksdotter. Born 31/1 1865 in Korsnäs (Korsnäs Kb 1863-70 p144).

Child Sten, Gabriel Edvard Anna-Mariasson. Born 12/6 1888 in Bergö (Korsnäs Kb 1881-90 p200).

Henrik Mangs

27-10-03, 21:07
Someday I'm coming to Finland to give you a big hug!

I had no record of a child previous to her marriage of Andrew Anderson. There was no other child with her when she married Andrew. Would there be any other records pertaining to him to find out what happened or where he might be? Perhaps he remained in Finland with her family and we have cousins?

Where would Bergo be? Is it in the same area?

I wish I could be there! I want to hunt every parish and cemetery to find them all!

This is wonderful!

27-10-03, 22:58
I will go to the Church office in Korsnäs and see wath hapened with Gabriel Edvard.

Bergö is a smal place near Korsnäs and Malax
here is a page from my site ther you can finde Bergö.


Henrik Mangs

28-10-03, 15:00
Here is some information I’w got from a member of Vasnejdens Släktforskare r.f. Erik Sepänaho, he live in Korsnäs.
Table 1
Sten, Gabriel Edvard Anna-Mariasson. Born 12/6 1888 in Bergö (Korsnäs Kb 1881-90 p200). Died about 1950 in Seattle WA USA.
Married to Krokfors, Ingeborg. Born in Karleby.
Sten, Sylvia. Born 30/11 1909 (SSDI-reg). Died 7/4 1998 in California USA (SSDI-reg). See table 2.
Sten, Runar. Born in USA. Died in USA. See table 3.
Table 2 (generation 1)
(From Table 1)
Sten, Sylvia. Born 30/11 1909 (SSDI-reg). Died 7/4 1998 in California USA (SSDI-reg).
Table 3 (generation 1)
(From Table 1)
Sten, Runar. Born in USA. Died in USA.
Sten, Ailie.

Henrik Mangs

28-10-03, 21:07

You can contact me on my private e-mail. I have an address in Finland for yoy. It is around the Sten family.
Henrik Mangs

28-10-03, 22:02
Thank you again!

I did send you an email!