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June Pelo
26-10-03, 18:45
Syrene Forsman, President of the Swedish Finn Historical Society, asked the editor of Norden newspaper for help in gathering names of Swede Finns who have influenced American life. The Oct. 9th and 16th editions of the paper have full page stories about some of the many notable people the editor was able to find. He has also requested readers of Norden to send more names to him. Syrene wants the names for the next FinnFest to be held in Feb. 2004. If you have the paper, read about some of these interesting people: Gunnar Back; The Wickströms/Wikströms; Gustave Niebaum/Nybom; Taina Elg; Anders Myhrman; Carl Silfversten, and many more.


27-10-03, 18:15
Forum member K-G Olin has written several books about emigrants from Finland. The books contain much biographical data and name indexes.
His latest book Guld och röda skogar was issued last year. It tells the story (stories) about Swede Finns in California.

For a comprenhensive list of his books visit www.multi.fi/~olimex (http://www.multi.fi/~olimex)