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June Pelo
24-05-07, 18:03
Keep tuned in to this URL: http://www.orderofruneberg.org The Order of Runeberg is in the process of setting up their own website with information about the Order, lodges, meetings, and a genealogy section. I write the Genealogy Corner for their newspaper "The Leading Star/Ledstjärnan" and plan to submit an article about Runeberg for the next edition. The above site also has a map showing where the lodges are located - sadly, many of them in the eastern part of the country have closed and most of them are now located in the western US.

Have any of you baked Runeberg Cakes which are eaten throughout Finland on Runeberg's birthday? I have the recipe, which has been adapted to our measurements, as well as the Swedish version. One SFHS member wrote to me that he baked the cakes to be served at a meeting and they were a big hit.

No doubt there will be more announcements made when the website is fully up and running.


Karen Douglas
24-05-07, 18:15
Hi June, I would love to have your recipe for Runeberg Cake if you would be willing to share it. I have never made it and would like to try a "tried and true" recommended recipe, as opposed to one that I've heard nothing about. Karen :)

June Pelo
24-05-07, 19:48

I decided to submit the recipe under the Recipe forum - but had to submit it twice in order to get the ingredients listed correctly. Hope you enjoy!

June :)

29-05-07, 04:12
June: Do you know if each Lodge has records or photos. I just got copies of my Great-Aunt's obituary, as well as a 2nd cousin and it says that they were Members of Lodge 104 - San Francisco. I would love to write to them to see if there are any pictures.

And can anyone join these Lodges - as I see there is one here in Vancouver?