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Alf Blomqvist
26-10-03, 18:56
I suggest that the source/sources for information put in the Talko collection also is included.

Why? Now you may find the same person from several databases, but you donīt know where is the source and/or if the information is checked for excamples from the HisKi-database.

If the source/sources is/are included it would be possible to only search for original (or source)-database.

K-G Molander
27-10-03, 03:44
I agree! It is a good practice to always put original source/sources with your data. Especially when data is older (farther back in time) than church records.
Below text taken from PAF5.

"Citing sources" means that you record where you found information about an individual. Examples of sources include birth certificates, censuses, church records, tombstones, family records and genealogies, inscribed objects, and so forth.

Sources provide you with the following benefits:

They allow you to evaluate the reliability of your information. For example, an original record created near the time when an event occurred is probably more reliable than a biography written after the event. Knowing the source can help you identify information that you want to verify with other types of records.

They provide a history of the sources you have examined. You can then focus research efforts on sources that have not yet been used.

They help you evaluate conflicting information. When you find conflicting information, such as two different birth dates for the same individual, you can use your sources to determine which one is the most likely to contain the correct information.

They acknowledge work done by others.