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Sharon Kavanagh
28-05-07, 02:13
Hello and thanks for the opportunity to join The Finlander Forum.

I am new at attempting any Finnish genealogical research.

I have experience only in Irish family research.

Soderman is the only Finnish (Swedish-Finnish, I presume) surname I am hoping to research.

My grandfather was Frank (Francis on his Ellis Island papers) Soderman. He was born 27 Sept 1890 in Malako (Malax, Malaks?), Vaasa, Finland. He emigrated in 1905 to Chicago, Illinois. I believe his parents were Johannes Soderman and Anna Sofia Malm. His siblings were Johannes II born in the 1870's, Magnus born in the 1870's, Amanda Lovisa b. 1877 (married name Doktar), Brita Stina b. 1882 (married name Esselstrom), Oskar Edward b. 1884 and Anna Elizabeth b. 1888 (married name Berglund). Frank lived (and died in 1952) in Oak Park, Illinois. Amanda also emigrated to the States and lived in Illinois. Brita Stina lived in Wentworth, Wisconsin. Anna Elizabeth lived in Wentworth, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota. I believe Oskar, Johannes II and Magnus remained in Finland.

I would appreciate any advice on how to begin research on Frank and his parents, grandparents, etc. in Finland. I do not speak Finnish or Swedish. I have heard that one should know the name of the parish and/or family farm and I do not have that information.

I would, of course, like to hear from anyone who feels that we may be related.

I would like to be of assistance to anyone I could help.

Thank you,

Sharon Soderman Kavanagh

June Pelo
28-05-07, 18:56
Hi Sharon, and welcome to Finlander. I tried to find your Söderman family in Malax, but unfortunately HisKi data for Malax doesn't extend to the 1870s. I think there is a Finlander member who has Malax data and might be able to offer some suggestions. Her website is: http://www.qnet.fi/westside/malax/malax.htm I have a lot of Malm names from Malax and Jakobstad, including an Anna Sofia Johansdotter Malm, but she was born after 1873 so she couldn't be the mother of your Frank/Frans Söderman, b. 1890.

Hopefully you'll hear from some other Finlander members with advice.


Sharon Kavanagh
29-05-07, 04:54
Dear June - Thank you for the reply and the Malax data website. I really appreciate your help. I am just beginning to learn how to use the Finlander Forum's features.

June Pelo
30-05-07, 19:12

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