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26-10-03, 19:38

Looking for help in finding my great-grandfather, Wilhelm Hedstrom. Family information says he changed his surname from Jarv to Hedstrom. He was born about 1840, birthdate, birth place, and parents are unknown.

Family information says he married Johanna Johansson Knip about 1876. They lived in Kvevlaks, Vaasa because my grandfather, Wilhelm Alfred Hedstrom was born there in 1879. Johanna was born 30 Oct 1845 in Koivulahti, Vaasa, Finland. Her parents are Johan Erik Abrahamsson b. 10 Oct 1799 and Anna Brita Gustofsdotter b. 29 Aug 1804 in Karmo, Mustasari, Finland. Note, that my “introduction” had incorrect birthdates. These are the correct dates. Also forgive any misspelling of places; I would appreciate knowing the correct spelling so feel free to tell me what they should be.

Thank you!

Susan Haven
Sparks, Nevada,USA

27-10-03, 07:33

Is these the right family, then I can finde some things in the church records of Kvevlax.

Östman , Hilda Maria. Born 15/4 1884 in Wichtis. Moved in 1902 to Närpes. Died in USA.
Moved away 1902 from Pedersöre. Moved in 1902 to Närpes.
Father Östman (Tarvonen), Johan Alfred Johansson. Born 9/9 1860 in Kållby, Pedersöre. Died 20/1 1898 in S:t Petersburg.
Mother Gammelgård, Maria Henriksdotter. Born 22/3 1862 in Oravais. Died 6/6 1899 in S:t Petersburg.
Married in USA to
Hedström, Vilhelm Alfred. Born 1879 in Kvevlax.
Child Hedström, Ludwig. Born 17/9 1907.
Hedström, Eleanor. Born 24/5 1909. Married to Everett, Rose.
Hedström, Leonard. Born 27/3 1917.
Hedström, Oscar. Born 2/12 1919.
Hedström, Alice. Born 2/12 1919. Married 1st to Jackson, Stanley. Married 2nd to Perkins, Blyde.

Henrik Mangs

27-10-03, 16:14
Information from the Church records
Hedström (Järf), Wilhelm Johansson. Born 5/4 1850 in Karperö Korsholm (Korsholm Kb 1850-57 p2/377).

Father Järf, Johan Fredrik Johansson. Born 5/1 1802 in Karperö Korsholm (Korsholm Kb 1802-08 p1/152).
Mother Räf, Maria Johansdotter. Born 7/11 1814.
Married 23/2 1877 in Kvevlax (Kvevlax Kb 1871-80 p209) to
Knip, Johanna Johansdotter. Born 30/10 1845 in Kvevlax (Kvevlax Kb 1871-80 p237). Father: Knip, Johan Erik Abrahamsson. Bonde. Born 16/11 1799. Died 25/6 1856 in Kvevlax (Kvevlax Kb 1850-56 p143). Mother: Ny, Anna Brita Gustafsdotter. Born 29/8 1804 in Karkmo.
Child Hedström, Johanna Matilda Wilhelmsdotter. Born 4/10 1877 in Kvevlax (Kvevlax Kb 1871-80 p209).
Hedström, Wilhelm Alfred Wilhemsson. Born 20/1 1879 in Kvevlax (Kvevlax Kb 1871-80 p209). Married in USA to Östman , Hilda Maria. Born 15/4 1884 in Wichtis. Died in USA.
Henrik Mangs

28-10-03, 05:07
Hello Henrik,

Yes, you have found the right families! I am the daughter of Eleanor Hedstrom and Everett Rose.

Do the church records go back to earlier generations of Ostman or Hedstrom families?

Thank you very much for the information you posted!

Susan Haven
Sparks, Nevada, USA

29-10-03, 13:47

I thinc that the Church records will go longer back.

I have a lot of material in my database.

Contact me on my private e-mail, for more information.
Henrik Mangs