View Full Version : A conspiracy or not a conspiracy?

Rodney K. Hasting
31-05-07, 22:57
Can a member of Finlander help me out?
The main two questions I have been seeking of my genealogy search is this:
1. Who is the biological father of Carl August Nyberg, b. Jan 1841, Bertbyvik, Aland, Fi. Carl's mother was Anna Stina Ericsdotter, b. May 25, 1811, Bertbyvik, Aland, Fi. The information I have recieved from Saltvik Church records said, Father Kolteen, and Saltvik Libary said, Father unknown, and neither has any more information on Carl's father.
2. Who was the biological parents of Anders Nyberg, b. 1791, Lapprask, Finland?
Is there a conspiracy of I am a descendant of a Royal Family, and some one does not me to take the thrown, just kidding, or I am I a descendent of lawless pirates, and some one does not want me to have the buried treasures, just kidding. But more than likely, it is because I have been emailing Finland's Church Parishes with an email address of devillant*peoplepc.com. Thank You, Rodney K. Hasting----HELP!!!