View Full Version : Yoopers and telephones

June Pelo
01-06-07, 21:43
In the "World Science Journal," there was an article that British archeologists had dug 10 yards down into the ground and found copper wire. The scientists concluded that the British had a telephone system 100 years ago.

A month later in another article in the "World Science Journal", it said that French archeologists had dug down 20 yards into the ground and found copper wire. The French scientists concluded that France had a sophisticated telephone system 200 years ago.

Another month later in an article in the "U.P. Science Journal," published in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it said that farmer and self taught archeologist Heikki Maki had dug down 30 yards on his farm near Toivola, and found nothing. Heikki therefore concluded that the Yoopers in the U.P. had already gone wireless 300 years ago!