View Full Version : Nikander in Torneň, 1901

02-06-07, 15:24
I was sorting out old Finnish postcards and came across one addressed to:
H. Herr. ? Nikander

Well, here is a scan enlarged of the message side which also shows his name. I was wondering if this was the same Nikander who started Suomi College or had some connection to him.

June Pelo
03-06-07, 17:55

Here you can read about Nikander and their connection to Suomi College.



03-06-07, 18:05
thanks June but I have been there so my question is this; who is the Nilander of the postal card. The initials for the given name are unclear. Plus the 1901 date might suggest that this guy was not the guy who began Suomi College in 1896. Maybe some of our Swedish speakers can give us something more.

I had wondered if the use of Herr was general or maybe more for pastors.


Karen Douglas
03-06-07, 20:35
Hi Chuck,

I am sitting here looking at the marriage license of my paternal grandparents - Edvard and Lovisa Back Berg. They were married by Joh. Gust Nikander, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, on 17 Aug 1895 in Hancock, Michigan. This is the pastor who started Suomi College. I thought I could read a 1901 postal date on your card. Is there an address on the other side? And, what does the message say? Would it give any indication as to why the writer would address the individual as "Herr?" Karen

04-06-07, 00:20
Hei Karen,
:D the card was mailed from ┼bo Turku 2 III 1901 to this Nikander guy who is at Torneň
It appears to be written by Alfred Holmstrom and I think we need a native Swedish speaker to really decipher this message. At least the handwriting is a lot better than what I've seen in church records.

btw, on the front is a handstamp from this Holmstrom guy but it's not well inked so a problem.