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02-06-07, 18:52
Looking for Otto Rautio´s relatives in USA.
Otto was born 1 st May 1872 in Finland, Pyhäjärvi parish. He ent. his last
name Rautiala to Rautio. (even Rauter in some documents)
He emigrated 1907 and he was living 1920 in Massachuttes Norfolk Quincy,
at Parker Street and 1930 at Carlmark Street?
Otto was working as a ship fitter.
Otto remarried in USA. Spouse´s name Hilda (Hilja) who was born 1888 in Finland. They get at least four childrens:
Ester, born 1915 in Massachuttes
John E, born 14 Jun 1916. Probably death date 24 Mar 1982 in
Sacramento CA
Edith, born 1918
Onie (Onni), born 1919
Otto had some cousins living in USA. The name of the daughter of one cousin
was Sylvia Rautiala - married Mrs Robert Cook. Sylvia was living in Quincy, MA
The names of two other cousins of Otto: Ellen Rautiala-Mikkonen and Signe
Otto was the great grandfather of requester and I should be thankful for all kinds of information about Otto and his familymembers.
e-mail: matty1953*yahoo.se

03-06-07, 18:05

I have some Rautio families in my database. Uno Alfred Rautio, b. ab 1920 married Jeanne Esther Larson, b. 1921 in Astoria, Oregon.

I have no information about Uno Alfred's parents. Could it be from this family?


04-06-07, 01:47
Massachusetts death index 1970-2003 about Sylvia E Rautiala.
Name Sylvia E Rautiala
Spouse Robert W Cook
Spouse death certificate 031800
Spouse death place Quincy
Spouse death date 6 may 1999
Spouse birth place Massachusetts
Spouse birth date 30 mars 1924

And maby this is the right Otto?
This is from cencus 1930
They are living in Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Household members is
Otto Rautio 55 Laborer Skye yard
Helga Rautio 43
Johan Rautio 13
Irene Rautio 11
Aune Rautio 10 Daughter
Alle Rautio 8 Daughter
Viena Rautio 5 Daughter
William Rautio 5 Son
Tyyne Rautio 3 Daughter Born in may 1926
Ballear Rautio 1 Daughter Born in june 1928
They are living at Carlmark street and otto and Helga has been married for 17 years.

In 1920 it looks like this
They are still living in Quincy
Household members are
Otto Rautio 46
Hilda rautio 32
Esther E rautio 5
John A Rautio 3
Edith E Rautio 1
Onni Rautio

On the 18 of january 1923 there is an family Rautiala from Pyhajarvi arraving to New York with the ship samaria from Liverpool.
They are going to Quincy Massachusetts
It is Eind Rautiala 32
Hilja Rautiala 27 Wife
Tamio Rautiala 6
Arvo Rautiala 4
Eimo Rautiala
Sylvi Rautiala
Their nearest relative in Finland is A Rautiala Pyhajarvi Finland. Eind has lived in Quincy from 1919 to 1921. They are going to Armus Martin 4 Kent St.W.Quincy Massachusetts
There is an Ulrica Kaananen 60 travelling with the family. She is also from Pyhajarvi and she is also going to Quincy. Her nearest relative in Finland is J Tikaumaki in Pyhajarvi and she is also going to Armus Martin

This is from cencus 1930
They are living in Quincy Norfolk Massachusetts
Erna Rautio 39
Hilja Rautio 33
Taura Rautio 13 son
Arvid Rautio 12
Erna Rautio 10
Sylvia rautio 7
Hilja rautio 5
Elsie Rautio
The 2 youngest children are born in Massachusetts
Erna was 25 and Hilja was 20 when they got married

Social security death index about Eino Rautiala
Name Eino Rautiala
SSN 028-05-2720
Last residence Massachusetts
Born 20 aug 1890
Died Mar 1964
State (year) SSN Issued Massachusetts (before 1951)

There is an WWII draft regristration card for Eino Rautiala . He is born on the 20 of aug 1890 in Oulu Finland. He is linving on 69 Smith street quincy Norfolk Mass. His nearest relative is Mrs Eino Rautiola 69 Smith street Quincy Mass. Employers name is Grossman & son Granite st Quincy Nortfolk Mass

Massachusetts death index 1970-2003 about Hilja Rautiala
Certificate 036335
Death place Quincy
Death date 13 juli 1981
Birth place other
Birth date 22 april 1895

Social security death index about Hilja Rautiala
SSN 018-52-7127
Last residence 02184 Braintree Norfolk Massachusetts United States of America
Born 22 april 1895
Died Jul 1981
State (year)SSN Issued Massachusetts (before 1951)

Social security death index about Tauno Rautiala
SSN 010-10-6931
Born 10 sept 1916
Last benefit 02184 Braintree Norfolk Massachusetts United States of America
Died Apr 1978
State (year)SSN Issued Massachusetts (Before 1951)

Social security death index about Arvo Rautiala
SSN 014-12-9907
Last residence 02025 Cohasset Norfolk Massachusetts United States of America
Born 12 feb 1918
Last benefit 02025 Cohasset Norfolk Massachusetts United States of America
Died nov 1979
State (year)SSN Issued Massachusetts (before 1951)

MVH Kerstin

20-08-07, 07:29

Sylvia Rautiala Cook was my grandmother, and her parents Eino Rautiala (1890) and Hilja Tossvainen (1895) are from the Pyahjarvi area. They definitiely lived in Quincy, MA and many lived in Massachusetts. The children of Eino and Hilja are: Alan, Eino, Tauno, Ray, Sylvia, Helen, Hilja, Helvi, Elsi, and Arvo. According to my family, and the original family passport: Tauno, Arvo, Eino and Sylvia were born in Finland, the rest in Massachusetts. Ray recently passed away and he lived in Chicago. There may be some more children but these are the great aunts and uncles that I knew!

Eino worked at Grossman's until his death and that was his WWII draft card that was found online.

I am not familiar with the other Rautiala family listed. I think my grandmother told me she had cousins in Minnesota.

If you want I can get around to asking them if they know of an Otto.

Best of luck. Let me know if I can be of further help.

I am searching for Hilja Tossvainen's parents in Finland!


b hietala
22-08-07, 06:07
I also have several Rautio's in my database. I have no idea what became of them. This branch came from my grandmother's twin sister by marriage. Family name was Orajarvi. I don't know if they emigrated. Names are Oskari, Olof, Maria, Isak, Johan, Jaako, and Erik. As always, I'm interested in connections. Let me know if these names ring a bell. Bruce