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Rodney K. Hasting
03-06-07, 06:41
Almost every family has some unconfirmed information about anncestors. My goal is the same as everyone else's, I am searching for the TRUTH. My recent enlightenment example:
1. Carl Nyberg was a sea Captain, no, his wife's father was, Karl Johan Osterlund.
2. Carl had fathered 16 children, no, 21 children.
3. Carl made 6 trips a crossed the Atlantic, no, 9.
The big one I am working on now, Carl had escapted from Russia and one of his two brothers fell threw the ice and drowned making their way back to Aland. I do not know, but Carl had two sisters, no brothers.
Carl August Nyberg in 1853 moved from Aland to St. Petersburg, Russia to become an apprentice Tailor under Tailor Johan Ulrik Linstrom, moved back to Aland four years later as a Tailor in 1857, would this be the time he escapted? The only family members recorded drownning Carl's nephew, Karl Emerik Rosenholm b. 28.6.1878, drowned 11.10.1898, and Carl was in Aland during this time. ?? Thank You for reading, Rodney K. Hasting

Rodney K. Hasting
03-06-07, 22:57
OK Denise, I am going to try this attachment thing, hope it works.

1. Carl August Nyberg, born Jan 1841, Bertbyvik, Saltvik, Aland, Finland, died Nov 1, 1910, Aledo, Illinois, USA.
2. Ida Matilda (Osterlund) Nyberg, born Sep 22, 1867, Odkarby, Saltvik, Aland, Finland, died 1942, Aledo, Illinois, USA.
3. August Evi Nyberg, born Sep 20, 1894 Saltvik, Aland, Finland, died Sep 20, 1974 on 80th birthday, Wheatland, Iowa, USA.
4. Yarda Josephine (Nyberg) McGregor, born Dec 8, 1921, Aledo, Illinois, USA, died Jun 30, 2006, Delmar, Iowa, USA.
5. Rodney Keith Hasting, born May 11, 1948, Greenrock, Illinois, USA, and still kicking.

Well here goes nothing---

Rodney K. Hasting
03-06-07, 23:03
OOPPSSS-wrong file. This picture is my mother and father. Yarda J. (Nyberg) McGregor and Robert Lee Hasting. I will try again!

Rodney K. Hasting
03-06-07, 23:13
I will try one more time. I think I know where I went wrong. One more time Denise!!

Rodney K. Hasting
03-06-07, 23:43
Forgive everyone, I am a rookie at this, but I wanted to share my pictures.
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Rodney K. Hasting
04-06-07, 00:09
The thread before of three picturs:
My mother and father, Yarda and Robert Hasting.
My Great-Grandmother, Ida Matilda (Osterlund) Nyberg.
My Great-Grand-father, Carl August Nyberg.

I will send more later, Rodney K. Hasting

04-06-07, 21:17
It is impossible to deduct from general history why Carl would have escaped from Russia back to Åland in 1857. The Crimean war had ended in 1856. But could the escape had happened earlier during the war? (I am thinking aloud here).

A combined British and French fleet marauded the Finnish waters at summertime during the war. So if Carl would have wanted to get back to Åland he would probably have waited for the winter in order to make the passage from the mainland to the islands over the ice. Ice traveling is dangerous, and might have well someone to drown.

But escape from Russia? In that time Finland was a part of Russia. You didn't have to escape, you just left. Or had he been mixed up in something that caught the interest of the Russian police? But in that case he would probably have escaped much further than Åland in order to shake the authorities.

In the 1850ies there had not yet emerged any independence movement. The relationship between the Russian crown and the Finnish people was fairly amiable. Finland was just getting it's own currency and owns postal stamp. Infrastucture was improving by the Saima Canal and soon by railroads. The rigorous impediments on trade and industry was gradually lifted. The best part of the Russian era in Finland was in fact starting.

I guess you would have to find some more facts before we can speculate more accurately about Carl's Russian adventure.


Rodney K. Hasting
05-06-07, 01:26
Thank you Sune; I was glad to hear from you. You gave me a perty clear picture of Aland-Russia in 1857. I wish I had more to go on, but I don't. But it seams clear to me now, Carl was not in harmsway and no real threat in 1857. If I look closer, maybe my family misunderstood, and look at the bigger picture. Possibly in Carl's mind, maybe he and his family was escapping from Finland, Russia, to America. I do not know for sure? But I do know this, he was determined at all cost, to live in USA, at all cost!! Thanks, RKH

Rodney K. Hasting
05-06-07, 02:04
I had better explain myself. My way of thing as opposed to Carl's way of thinking, and by researching Carl, one gets to know alittle about him. Carl was married to Johanna, they had 9 children together, some born in Aland, the others born in America. After Johanna became ill, they moved back to Aland, where she died during childbirth. Then Carl gets engaged, has one child with Evelina, giving him 10 children, but the 10th one dies. Then Carl gets married to Ida, has another 11 children, some born in Aland, and the others born in America. It is Carl's mindset that is begining to bother me.
Without any consideration of his wife's wellbeing, fathers 21 children total, and pursues his endless dream of living in America.
Here in America, Nyberg's are wellknown for stubbornness, but to risk ones wife for having a huge family, is some-what strange to me. RKH

Rodney K. Hasting
05-06-07, 05:25
Hi Sune;
This information may help. Carl August Nyberg born Jan 1841 in Bertbyvik, Saltvik, Aland. I had made an error on Carl being in Aland about the time his nephew had drowned, please disregard.
Carl's 9 voyages a crossed the Atlanic Ocean:
1868 to USA.
Late 1871 or early 1872 to Aland.
1873 to USA.
1874 back to Aland.
1877 to USA.
mid 1883 back to Aland.
1885 or 1886 to USA.
1893 to Aland.
1894 final trip to USA.

Do you know if between 1868 to 1894, if any event that would have presented itself, where Carl would have had to escape, in order to have left Aland, Finland, to go to America? Possible passport issues, or a clamp-down on emigrations? Other than things written, I have no clues on Carl's alleged escape from Russia, and a brother drownning. Thank you for reading, Rodney K. Hasting

05-06-07, 21:03
Hi Rodney

I can't think of anything in history that would have caused an escape during the period you mentioned. The first period of oppression started in February 1899. And it was in 1901 when the Russian government illegally demanded that Finns should do national service in the Russian army. That caused a widely spread draft strike. The priest were forced to read the conscription order in church and many refused. Many young men emigrated at that time to America in order to avoid military service. This illegal situation ended in 1905 because of a general strike. A new period of oppression started in 1909, but that is a different story.

During the period you mentioned there were different revolutionary movements in Russia by different types of socialists and anarchists. Emperor Alexander II, grandfather of the last emperor Nikolai II, was assassinated in 1881. There were several conspiracies under way during the last two decades if the 19th century and some Finns living in St Petersburg at that time were involved. The revolutionary Finns were mostly members of the educated classes, more seldom craftsmen. But it seems too far fetched to assume that Carl was involved in this kind of activity without further evidence.


Rodney K. Hasting
06-06-07, 01:28
Hi Sune;
I do not know about Carl possibly being involved in any revolutionary movements, but I would not put it passed him. My Nyberg family here in USA, have no problems in voicing their opinions and being steadfast in their beliefs, going toe-to-toe if need be, and I had heard from my Grandfather, Carl had a meanstreak. Aland Saltvik records, places Carl in St. Petersburg Russia, he moved there in 1853, and returned to Aland in 1857, and had become a Tailor within these four years. His apprenticeship was under Johan Ulrik Lindstrom. Do you know if Johan Ulrik Lindstrom, a Tailor living in St. Petersburg, had ever been involved in a revolutionary movement, and if so, in these four years 1853-1857, Carl could have been involved at that time. I have nothing telling me, that Carl had ever returned to St. Petersburg after 1857. It was also said, "Carl had went to St. Petersburg to live with his Uncle to become a Tailor", but I have not found any writtings telling me Johan was Carl's Uncle.
Please go to next thread--I talk to much!!

Rodney K. Hasting
06-06-07, 01:53
The feeling I have had for some time now, Carl August Nyberg was very unhappy about his life in Aland, Finland, in his quest of of a better life for himself, and his family as well, and was desperatly seeking a way out, and this only fueled his compassion to emigrate to America. He had made nine trips a crossed the Atlantic Ocean, before planting his feet firmly in Aledo, Illinois, USA. He had children born in Aland, then emigrated to USA, and then had children born in USA. Then his family returned to Aland because his wife's illness. After his wife Johanna passed, he remarried, Ida, had more children born in Aland, then emigrated to America once again, and had more children born in USA. Carl did not lack determination, he had a dream of living in America, and he made it come true. Now, where he got the funds for nine trips, and paying for two trips for family members by themselves, I do not know. One would think in 1857, even a Tailor did not make good wages. I think he had help as his first wife Johanna, her father was a sea Captain of a merchant ship, and Johanna had two brother's who were Captains, and she had one brother-in-law that was a sea Captain. Thanks for reading, RKH

Rodney K. Hasting
06-06-07, 19:09
Hi Sune-I tought about this suspected escape, and contacted this morning a relative, Katherine, daughter of Sayda Nyberg, daughter of Carl, she's in her 90's, just got back from hospital, she knows alot about Nyberg history. When I asked her, she said, "Carl was told by Johan Lindstrom to leave his home because Carl's constant connection with an idiot named (guessing at spelling) Miekhaill Bakunine and was getting the attention of the Russian goverment. Carl was going to the peters fort to do tailoring for the administrators there I think 1856 and 1857 and came to know the idiot prisoned there. If Carl would have behaved himself, he would been a partner of Lindstrom Tailoring, but he was young and stupid."
I had to say good-bye as she was getting upset of her Grandfather's memories. News to me, never heard this before, and I will look for information on the "Idiot", Miekhaill Bakunine, but its something I may find a clue?
Talk later Sune, I think I'll take the day off, go fishing, Rodney

06-06-07, 19:59
Now I think you've got something. Check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Bakunin.

Happy fishing. The time you spend on fishing never goes to waste even if you don't catch anything. I will go out and water my garden. We haven't had any rain for two weeks.


Rodney K. Hasting
07-06-07, 00:40
Thanks for message Sune-I called my Aunt Phyllis in California, (in her 80's) she is widow of Walter E. Nyberg, son of August Evi Nyberg, son of Carl August Nyberg. While I was talking to her about my genealogy search, she told me:
"When Grandpa Nyberg would have super with us, a couple times he said his father Carl, after he finished becoming a tailor, he went back to Aland for a while, and later he became the personal tailor of the tsar of Russia, and when things got hot, he escapted Russia to save his own neck." ???
I took this with a grain of salt, but thought I'ed check it out. I took the timelines of Carl, became tailor in 1857, first marrage 1890, about 30 years of ? I found a Russian Tsar, noticed Alexander II 1855-1881, lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, same place Carl learned to be a Tailor. A long-shot, how would one look in the history books to find Alexander's personal tailor? If Carl was his tailor for some time, he would have been payed good, and that would be where Carl funded his emigration to America. But doesn't explain his escape, why would he leave a job of personal tailor? It don't make sence. Please let me know about searching Tsar's tailor, Thanks, Rodney

Rodney K. Hasting
07-06-07, 01:24
Carl's first marrage was to Johanna on Jan 1863, and Carl became a Tailor on 1857, so there were six years unnoted of his where-abouts. I have to remind myself, with genealogy, you have to keep doing the math, SORRY, Rodney