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05-06-07, 18:01
As I am re-entrying all my information, on some papers I got from my cousin, it has the following:

Snabb, Herman Lenard:

död 5 juni 1936, då han avtjånade sin värnplikt

Now, I understand that it is the date of death, but I am wondering about the next line - I roughly translated it to mean "then he do duty for its conscription" Does this mean he died during the Military Duty?

Also, is there a way to get Military Records for him. In Canada we can order them from WWI or get some copies online. Is there such a place in Finland.



05-06-07, 20:31

You could have a look at the pages of Military Archive: http://www.sota-arkisto.fi/inet/englanti/index.html
They may send you the information you need, I am not sure about their rules.



05-06-07, 20:33
You are on the right track. He died while doing national service. For information you can check the Military Archives. Take a look at this address: http://www.sota-arkisto.fi/inet/englanti/tutkijasalipalvelu.htm


05-06-07, 21:02
Thank you both - I took a quick look and everything is in Finnish, so I will have to figure it out when I get home (I am suppose to be working but its lunch)

And reading the paper more, I am now wondering if it is him or his father they are talking about. It is 1 very long paragraph.