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16-06-07, 04:51
I am looking for passenger or emigration records for Charles Madison. I had thought all along it was Charles Mattson but it appears when Charles married Emma Mattson, a widow of Oscar Mattson that they took her name. They appear in the 1900 New Jersey Census as Madison but in the 1910 Census in Denver their name is Mattson. There are also 2 different years for when he emigrated from Sweden, on says 1886 and the other says 1888. I am trying to get the information on where Charles came from, I am traveling to Sweden with my children in August so they can see where they are from. My family are Swedes in Finland.

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16-06-07, 09:10
Hi Karen !
Did you have try to search at this site? http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/index_e.php.Would be helpful .
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16-06-07, 10:13
This is from 1900 cencus

Charles Madison and his family is living in Jersey City, Ward 6, Hudson New Jersey

Household members are
Charles Madison born in sept 1866. Iimmigrated in 1878 Carpenter
Emma Madison born in July 1861 Immigrated in 1873
Thyra Madison Daughter Born in april 1886
William Madison Son Born in May 1893
Walter Madison Son Born in nov 1894
Emma has given birth to 5 children and 3 of them are living . Charles and Emma has been married to each other for 15 years. All the children are born in New Jersey

In cencus 1910 they are living in Denver, Colorado
Here it says that the year of immigration is 1886 for Charles and 1885 for Emma. They have been married to each other for 20 years and Emma has given birth to 5 children and 2 of them are living

Charles M Mattson 44
Emma S Mattson 46
Wiilliam A Mattson 16
Walter J Mattson 13

So, at least we know that Charles was born in sept 1866, and that he also had another name beginning with an M.

MVH Kerstin

30-06-07, 04:05
I believe this is the correct family after all my checking in the US.

Is there a way to find out where in Sweden they came from? Are there ancestors?

Wilhelm Theodor Matthiasson born 1859 May 18 (could be William T)
Carl Magnus Matthiasson born 1866 Oct 17 (could be Charles M)
Amanda Concordia Matthiasdotter born 1871 Mar 31 (Amanda, Mandy?)
Wilhelmina Matthiasdotter born 1873 Dec 26

Remained in Sweden:

Mathilda Matthiasdotter born 1855 Aug 20
Manne Matthiasson born 1863 Apr 28
Paul Leonard Matthiasson born 1864 Dec 3

01-07-07, 14:37

There is a WWI Draft regristration card for Walter John Mattson
He is born on the 27 of Nov 1896 in Jersey City, New Jersey. It also says that he doesn´t know where in Sweden his father is born
But his nearest relative is father Charles Mattson in Denver Colorado. His eyes are blue and hair is light. He is drafting on the 5 of june 1918.

World War 1 draft regristration cards 1917-1918 about William Adolph Mattson
Name William Adolph Mattson
City Jersey City
County Hudson
State New Jersey
Birthplace New Jersey
Birth date 11 May 1893
Race Caucasian
Roll 1712207.
He is singel

MVH Kerstin

01-07-07, 15:03
In the cencus of 1920 there is an Charles M Mattson born in Sweden about 1867 living in Denver Colorado. But his wifes name is Julia J Mattson born in Sweden about 1861. Together with them is living Charles brother William T Mattson born in Sweden about 1860. Emma C Lindblom 60 is living there as a Lodger. But maby this is the wrong family?

MVH Kerstin