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20-06-07, 13:15
Im looking for any record of Elsa M Bisi. I have a birth date of June 7 1841 and death as Jan 22 1916. I dont know where I got these dates. she was married to Heikki "Henry" Karppinen born 1846 .
I would like to know if the dates for her are correct and who her parents were.
Thank You for any help

20-06-07, 15:54
Hi Robin,
Thought I would add that Elsa Maria Bisi was from Liminka, Finland according to what I have in my records.


20-06-07, 16:53
Hi Robin,
This is from an old post I had about Karppinen/Bisi on Finlander Forum and this is a reply I received from Karen Norwillo. :)


LDS has all the children with the same dates as you, but no Johanna Maria. All born Liminka, Oulu to Henrik Annanpoika Karppinen and Elsa Maria Juhontytar Bisinkanssa. Couldn't find Johanna listed."

21-06-07, 17:33
Hi Robin,

Elsa was, indeed, born 7th June 1841 in Liminka and married Heikki Annanpoika Karppinen b. 7th Oct 1846 in Liminka, on 23rd March 1866 in Liminka,

Elsa´s parents are Juho Kristerinpoika Koivula, later Tuorila b.13th Jan 1806 and Brita Juhantytär Ruokangas, later Komula or Tuorila b. 24th Feb 1805 d.17th Feb 1873 in Liminka Bisi. They married 9th Apr 1826 in Pudasjärvi. Juha and Brita lived in Liminka, Bisi farm. All surnames are recorded in Liminka communion books where this information comes from.

Other children of Juho and Brita were:
Krister Jaakko Juhanpoika Piirainen b. 18th Nov 1828 in Pudasjärvi. He married Kreetta Antintytär Kaakinen b. 15th Jan 1823 in Törnävä d. 17th June 1872 in Liminka. His second wife was Liisa Mikontytär Nikula b. 10th May 1841 (married 1st Apr 1873 in Liminka)
Erkki Juhanpoika Koivula b. 14th Apr 1832 in Pudasjärvi
Brita Kaisa Juhantytär b, 6th June 1838 in Pudasjärvi
Juha Juhanpoika b 5th June 1838 in Pudasjärvi
Elsa Maria b. 7th June 1841 in Liminka

The eldest son Krister Jaakko and the youngest daughter Elsa Maria are recorded in Liminka communion books, Erkki, Brita and Juha are not. I do not know what happened to them. I have no idea why Krister used the name Piirainen, not Bisi. According to Liminka church records, Elsa moved to Oulu 1863 but returned 23rd Dec 1864 to her home farm Bisi.

Best regards,

Merja Syrjämäki

P.S. I have posted this same reply in Finngen.

21-06-07, 18:16
Hi again,
Just noticed that some of Pudasjärvi church records are now online in www.digiarkisto.org . Unfortunately the communion books from the early 19th century are not available yet but the birth records are, see under the heading Church records - Pudasjärvi - syntyneet. You can find birth records for all the rest of the bunch except Elsa Maria. I also found the record of the family moving out from Pudasjärvi 21st March 1841. All the children are with the family, excluding Elsa who is yet to be born.

21-06-07, 21:08
There are a couple of typos in my earlier message.
Correct birth dates for the Koivula children are:
Brita Kaisa b.6th Sept 1836
Juho b. 5th June 1838

22-06-07, 04:36
Dearest Merja!
When I looked at Robin's post (my cousin, by the way) all I was concerned with was if Elsa's death date was correct. Robin and I don't know where we got that date from!!! I didn't even read that Robin asked who Elsa's parents were in her post! I could have sworn I sent Robin my gedcom with all the information on Elsa Bisi, that you so kindly researched for me, and now I wonder if I didn't. I must be more tired than I think, working 7 days a week for over 3 years now! I publicly apologize to you for all the work you put into this post on Elsa. I'm so sorry! :o I think I might be senile! :confused: Please forgive me!!!

I'm in debt to you forever,

22-06-07, 08:10
Dear Denise,

All apologies absolutely unnecessary! Besides, it is me who is in debt forever and you know why!


22-06-07, 19:15
Hi Merja,
Thank-you! You're like a sister to me! :D