View Full Version : Gedcom for Pamela?

21-06-07, 21:32
Pamela Anderson in visiting Finland showing her really big … sunglasses.

She told in the news that she would like to meet her family here, but she doesn't know who they are. She said that she has heard that they had a family reunion last year but she wasn't invited. Maybe someone would send her a gedcom?


21-06-07, 22:19
Sune - didnt' know that you were interested in Pamela Anderson.

Yes, I have her gedcom somewhere. The lines were from Saarijärvi if I remember right - but I cannot remember the family name anymore.

04-07-07, 20:12
This might help:

"My grandfather was a healer from Finland. My real last name is Hyytiänen. He changed it to Anderson when he came to Canada. All of his brothers changed their names, too, so I have a feeling that maybe something bad happened in Finland. " - Pam Anderson

b hietala
09-07-07, 01:05
Too bad for Pamela.... one should never change your name... especially a good Finn name.... She should change it back .... oh my god