View Full Version : 1880-Gehrls from Germany to USA...

Rodney K. Hasting
23-06-07, 07:09
Hello to all;
I have been busy, as Sune had gave me a led to find my Grandmother's roots, and BINGO, their all in Warren, Minnesota. Exchanging alot of information and pictures with them. THANK YOU SUNE!!!
How can I find information on passengers list for 1880, leaving Hamburg, Germany Port, ariving in New York, before Ellis Island opened?
Looking for my GGGrandfather Hans (Johann) Gehrls, born 24 Jul 1831 in Germany, traveling with family, and GGGrandmother Sophie (Torber) Gehrls, born <1831>, also GGrandfather Friedrich (Fred) (?Henry) Gehrls, born 18 Oct 1862, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. Possible ships line's name Hamburg-American Lines. Thank You for reading, Rodney
PS-Hi June and Susan...