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June Pelo
24-06-07, 17:27
A recent survey of Finn's most beloved products shows rye bread as number one, followed by sauna and salt licorice 'salmiakki', and finally Fazer's Blue chocolate (Fazerin Sininen). Also listed are Karelian pies and Nokia mobile phones. Also drying-rack cupboards for dishes, the sheath knife 'puukko', clean tap water and crisp rye crackers. An integral part of the daily security blanket is having coffee with sweet buns.

A record-breaking 22,450 foreigners moved to Finland during 2006 compared with 21,355 the previous year. A total of 12,107 people moved out of Finland last year, giving the country a net population growth of 10,343, the highest since 1991.

The Danish have emerged as the happiest people in the European Union with Finns, Swedes and the Dutch following closely behind. The lowest-scoring countries on the table of contentedness were Italy, Portugal and Greece.

Suomen Silta 3/07