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01-07-07, 07:46
I learned last year that Antti Isotalo is my great, great, great grandfather since my great great grandmother is his daughter Sanna Kujanen e. Isotalo.

Sanna married Matti Kujanen, who was my great great grandfather. Juha Enok Kujanen is my great grandfather that came to the states in 1913.

I know that he was the leader during the Harman Ruffien era and he is well known all over Finland. People also sing about him in folk songs. During what years was he in prison? 1850 - 1862??? Was he in prison for 12 years? When he got out of prison, he lived the rest of his life peacefully in Volti.

Also, is there a book in english that talks about his wild west days as a Knifer? I recently visited my long lost relatives in Alaharma last fall and saw his grave.

Jason Kujanen
Minneapolis, Minnesota

02-07-07, 05:50
Hi Jason,
I am also related to him. Margareta Leppinen told me that. She's on sfhs.
Here's a foto I found online of him and a pal but I don't know which guy is Antti.
And my mother was a Kujansuu from the UP of Michigan, Marquette Co, Gwinn.
There are a few other Kujansuu ppl in the UP. My mother and her siblings are deceased.
Margareta also told me she and her husband were both related to me as well.

Chuck Maki, Rock Island, IL (Swenson Swedish Center is here)

Margareta L
02-07-07, 22:18
Hi Jason and granskare,
Antti was in prison from autumn 1867 to Aug. 1882, nearly 15 year (Alahärmän Historia II).
In the photo Antti is in the left-hand side and Rannanjärvi on the right-hand.
MVH. Margareta

02-07-07, 23:09
I always wondered which guy was our Antti so thanks for the response to the query.
Chuck aka granskare

03-07-07, 01:42
Kittos Margareta!

Jason Kujanen