View Full Version : Henrik Tawast and Maria Kolloinen

02-07-07, 21:44
I have just returned home after a bicycle trip in South Finland. We also visited the Cathedral of Åbo and in their museum beside a silver plate I found this notice:

Henrik Tawast (d. 1667) and his wife Maria Jakobsdotter Collina (=Kolloinen) d. 1688.

There are different suggestions of Henrik's possible wives. On Talko Genealogy I have also found that his wife was Maria Jakobsdotter Gammal (Skepperus) and her death date is also 1688. Some mixing?

I suppose that this mystery will not be cleared up totally, but this information on my picture might be new to someone.

I also took a picture of his gravestone in the floor of the cathedral.


June Pelo
03-07-07, 01:08
Look at this: http://www.strang.ch/SUKU/SUURSILL-vanha.HTM See Tab. 9 and then #35. Looks like Maria Jacobsdotter Gammal (Skepperus) was the 3rd wife of Henrik Tavast. I can't read Finnish, so don't know if she is the same person as Maria Jacobsdotter Kolloinen.