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June Pelo
03-07-07, 01:19
Norden newspaper has a picture of the world's largest private yacht which was scheduled to visit Jakobstad. It is named The World and is a floating condo, owned by passengers from about 40 countries. The largest luxury suite has room for 12 people. The minimum rate is $1,200 a night. Many people live onboard permanently. The ship was built in 2002 by Fosen Mek. Verksteder A/S in Rissa, Norway. According to the photo, it looks like one of those giant cruise ships with 6-8 decks.


04-07-07, 22:16
I read in the newspaper that Ms Worlds visit in Jakobstad was cancelled and that the ship instead will visit Vasa, i think it was in late July

05-07-07, 17:20
Ett kryssningsfartyg är på ingång (10 Juli) till Örnsköldsvik. Fartygets namn Silver Shadow ... kan det vara samma som skall in till Vasa?
Skall försöka infoga en bild så småningom.

05-07-07, 19:53
Hej Kaj
Ms Shadow anlöper Vasa den 12.7.2007 med 400 amerikanska passgerare.

Ms Shadow arrive in Vasa July 12 with 400 american passengers
Ms Artemis arrive in Vasa July 15 with 1500 english passengers
Ms Astor arrive in Vasa July 30 with 600 german passengers
Ms Maxim Gorky arrive in Vasa Aug 11 with 600 german passengers
Ms World arrive in Vasa Aug 18 with 700 american passengers

We welcome all these tourists to the beautuful town of Vasa and we hope they spend a lot of money in the town