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05-07-07, 20:24
A person in Sweden is searching for his Finnish ancestors, specifically Grels Thomasson born in 1507 in Savolaks and older ancestors. Also looking for Pekkarinen. Other names - Pål Grelsson Jatko, bd unknown; Pål P,134lsson Jatko, bd unknown; Philip Pålsson Jatko Paavo bd 1689 Tärendö; and Pål Philipsson Paavo, bd, before 1768 in Tärendö.:)

16-07-07, 18:06
Hi Beverly,
Do have any further data on the Pekkarinens you mentioned in your post? I have Pekkarinens in my family and I also have some Pekkarinen family history books that I can do look-ups in if you would like.

Just let me know.