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June Pelo
06-07-07, 22:02
Does you know where data can be found about the ancestors of Karl Adam Blomberg born 1770 in Jönköping (?), Sweden and d. 22 Dec 1828 in Hedenfors Nederluleå. Another death date was given of 20 May 1828 according to data submitted to Johan Julius Släktregister by children Herbert, Anna and Nils. There was a note that Karl moved 25 years ago from Småland. He was huntsman for the late Baron Samuel Gustaf Hermelin (Rytttare 88 Blomberg, Säby parish) at the chalet Gripenberg.

Karl Adam was married to Brita Renman who was born 1778 in Långnäs 9, Nederluleå to Hans Jacobsson Renman, b. 31 Jan 1728/31, seaman and farmer from Gamla Staden, d. 21 Jan 1796, and his wife Brita Hansdotter, b. 2 Jan 1737. They married 24 Jan 1760. Hans' parents were Jacob Renman and Anna Hansdotter. Hans and Brita and family moved to Bälengel. We have data about Brita Renman and her parents, but haven't been able to find anything about Karl Adam Blomberg.