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08-07-07, 20:20
In the Quarterly no. 2 I am read article about Haddon Sundblom son to a
Åland emigrant Karl Wilhelm from Föglö.
In October 9,2007 the Åland Post will be issued a Christmas stamps,
depicting the famous Coca-Cola Danta Claus. The stamps are printed in
sheet of 2x20 stamps and the gutter-pairs showing different types of
Ture Bengtz was born in Jomala, åland 1907. 18 years old emigrated to
USA and settle down in Medford, Massachusetts. Ture Bengtz was a artist
and founder of The Boston Printmakers Association.
The Åland Post celebrate 100 years of Ture Bengtz birthday with a stamps
depicting Windmill from Åland, a litograph made by Ture Bengtz.
The stamps sheet printed in 2x15 stamps and the gutter-pair showing a
Amerika trunk and two postcard.
Interested can visit www.posten.ax