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Carl Knutilla
16-07-07, 13:46

I'm in a situation now in my reseach of my family tree, on my fathers side. His parents came from Finland in 1900 (Grandfather) 1901 (Grandmother) from Piippola. Grandpa's name here was Andrew Knutilla b- 1/1/1871. Grandma's maiden name was Miina Ollanketo b- 6/11/1874. Great Grandfather was Johan Knuutila b- 1/24/1836, his wifes name may have been Anna Sophia Kujanpaa b-3/19/1839. I would like whatever Information that maybe available on these two families. Brothers and Sisters both sides of the tree. Like to have the Name, Birthdate, Marriage Date, (to whom) Death Date (where at and cause).

If there is a Internet Link that would show this information I could use that.


Carl Knutilla