View Full Version : Maki-Holm and Jofs-Peterson

June Pelo
17-07-07, 22:36
Leading Star newspaper reported the following obituaries:

Elsie Make Holm, b. 11 Feb 1913 in Vasa, d. 15 Jan 2007, Hoquiam, WA. Emigrated to Burke, Idaho 1916. During WWII she was known as "Rosie the Riveter" at the Boeing Hoquiam plant. She married Ralph Holm in 1934; he died 2004. She leaves 3 daughters and many grandchildren.

Anna Matilda Jofs (Tornquist) was born 3 Mar 1906, Sundom, Finland, d. 4 Mar 2007, one day after her 101st birthday. She emigrated to Vancouver, B.C. in 1923 and met Emil Peterson; they married in 1925. There's an interesting story of her life in the June 2007 issue of Leading Star newspaper.