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Stuart Anderson
19-07-07, 15:07
Hi all

I am searching for a connection to my 6th and 7th great Grandparents to their Finnish ancestors. I am a Canadian citizen. My Maternal Grandparents came from Sweden in 1906.

The ancestors that I am hoping to find documentation or information about the following:
Jon Hallstensson Hämäläinen (b? 1698) to Halsten Andersen (b,1652) and Anne Torresdotter (b. 14 Sept 1662) ...possibly in Norway. Halsten and Anne were married in 1678 in Stor Elvdal, Hedmark, Norway.

Jon Hallstensson married Ingeborg Olofsdotter in Östmark, Varmland. They were married 24 Jun 1710. I do not have birthdates for either Jon or Ingeborg.

They had 4 children born from 1710 to 1726. All children carried the name, Hämäläinen. Their 3rd son, Halsten Jonsson Hämäläinen (b. 1718, Östmark), was my 6th Grandfather. He married Marit Persdotter (abt 1737). They had 9 children.

I am seeking information on this site because I have been told that the surname, Hämäläinen, is not a Swedish surname but could have descended from The Forest Finns who emigrated to some parts of Sweden.

I hope that someone can shed some light on these epopele or their descendants. I am at a total dead end on their information.

Sorry I do not have any parishes or other such information to give about the rerquested information wanted.

Thanks so much

Stuart Anderson
I do have a webpage and will send the link to anyone interested...send me an email requesting the website if you are interested.
gstu at shaw.ca

June Pelo
19-07-07, 21:02

The Hämäläinen family in Finland dates back to the 16 century. There is a Hamalainen Family Society and there have been queries about the family in the past on genealogy.com

Hamalainen Family Society
Preserving the heritage of the name with origins in Koivisto, history can be traced for hundreds of years back to Karelia. Branches now extend worldwide.

Juha Vahakangas, Family Society Hamalainen http://www.megabaud.fi/profilink/hama.htm


You can also find out more about the name at http://www.google.com and typing the name in the search box. You'll get about a million hits.

The Talko database on Finlander Forum has over 200 Hamalainen names dating back to the 1500s. I noticed the name was found in Tavastland, Vasa also in Savoby, Lappajärvi. It's a pity you're conducting your search during the summer because our members in Finland who might be able to help you are outside enjoying their short summer. They'll get back to genealogy in the fall.

I noticed that Philip Kejsar/Keisari, b. 1592 in Soini, Finland married Margareta Persdotter Hämäläinen, b. 1585. I think there are members of this forum who have the Kejsar book with more data. Jaska Sarell is one of them and he is away for the summer.


19-07-07, 21:15
The name Hämäläinen means "a person from Häme" i.e. from Tavastland. So it seems obvious that the family originates from Tavastland. Perhaps some ancestor has been called Hämäläinen after he moved to some other part of Finland. I doesn't seem logical to be called Hämäläinen while living in Tavastland, because everyone was a "hämäläinen" there.

To illustrate my point:
I have a childhood friend who was a seaman on a Norwegian ship. His shipmates called him "Finland" as he was the only Finn on board. No one in Finland calls him by that name.


Stuart Anderson
20-07-07, 18:03
Thank you Sune and June

I appreciate the information and now have a better idea about the name.

For contacting the people who will be back in the fall....do I have to enter the information again then or will they be able to see what is here now.

People like yourselves are really appreciated by myself when I can ask and recieve great information ..
Thanx again so very much

Stuart Anderson

21-07-07, 04:00
Hi Stuart,
I just checked out The Institute of Migration for dwellers named Hämäläinen, and the farm name, village, parish and time period they lived there.

First is an article from the site to explain further than I have. I'll see what else I can find for you. :)


"Farm Name & Surname Index for Finland from the mid-1800's
Compiled by Timothy Laitila Vincent
The original goal of this project was ...
to create an index to the farms and crofts as found in the Lutheran communion books dating from the 1860's. No comprehensive historical index has ever been created detailing the farms and crofts in Finland.
The goal changed and grew:
when this project was still in its beginning stages. I decided to include all people who had permanent surnames. I also decided to include the names of laborers, servants, soldiers and craftsmen, etc. when their previous residences were recorded in the communion books.
The goals of this project changed because ...
in many parishes it is impossible to determine whether a name is that of an established croft or simply a person's previous residence. I decided to include all of these in an attempt to make this project as complete as possible.
The source & time period of records used for this project are ...
the Lutheran Communion Books, also known as the Main Books. They are organized by farm and list first the farm owner, his wife, children, other relatives including foster children, farmhands, servant girls and others. I have attempted to use the communion books from the 1860's for this project because many parishes have had that decade microfilmed and they are readily available for research. Because of destroyed church records and sometimes extremely poor handwriting, it was sometimes necessary to use other years. The records in Hailuoto were destroyed in a fire, so the only records available to me where from 1891-1900.
Communion längder in Swedish. Rippikirjat in Finnish.

By the 1860's the population in Finland had greatly increased. Most farms and crofts that exist in Finland today had been established by the 1860's. Internal migration was becoming much more extensive and people were moving greater distances than in previous generations.

The decade of the 1860's was just at the dawn of emigration from Finland. The poor crop harvests of the early 1860's throughout Finland turned into the country's last great famine. Hoping to find better conditions elsewhere, countless people migrated around the country. It is hoped that this extensive index will help many researchers locate some of these missing people who would otherwise remain obscure.

This index can help you ...
... locate an ancestor's home farm, village and parish.
... determine the difference between a croft, a farm, a village & a parish.
... as a non-Finn- / non-Swedish speaker correctly spell these names.
... save researchers time when ancestors moved to a different farm.
... determine how common a farm name / surname is.
... determine a farm's number within its village.
This project includes the: (6 columns)
Name of county.
Name of parish.
Name of village.
Name of farm & its number within its village.
Name of croft on the farm, and ... other permanent surnames and other farm names.
Years covered in the Lutheran communion book.
The information in this project includes ...
... farm names and croft names from Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking parishes.
... permanent surnames / family names which remain the same from generation to generation. These permanent surnames include those of pastors; some military families; professionals, including many blacksmiths, tailors, carpenters, cabinetmakers, doctors and seamen; families who belong to the Swedish royalty and nobility; other families coming from abroad. It needs to be stressed that the surnames of professionals and soldiers which can be considered as permanent surnames, may have actually been used for only two or three generations and then stopped. This complex Finnish system of surnames is explained in another file. The goal of this project is to assist the researcher in locating specific farms, crofts and surnames.
... surnames of foreigners, including those who came from Sweden, Germany, England, Scotland, Russia and other countries.
... permanent surnames & previous farm names for both men and women.
... soldiers & wives / widows who are noted in this index with an apostrophe (*) after their names.
Additional background:
During the mid-1700's most farms in Finland were comprised of one couple, their children, their parents if living, and a farmhand or two, totaling ten to twelve people in all. By the mid-1800's, the same farm may have grown to include more than a hundred people.

When a name appears multiple times on one specific farm, it has been recorded only once in this project. In some cases, one name may appear twice or more, but the original entries may appear several pages apart in the communion book.

I have tried to make this project as easy for researchers to use as possible. Spelling was not standardized in Scandinavia until the 20th century.

In some cases the handwriting has been very difficult to read. In other cases, the ink has faded. The extraction of names for this project has been done from microfilms and microfiche and in some cases they were poor quality. Errors creep into every project, but I have tried very hard to make this index as accurate as possible. In some cases I have used the previous communion book, the subsequent communion book, telephone directories, parish histories and other sources to make comparisons for accurate spellings.

Some parishes which have always had very small populations, have listed everyone from the communion book in one village. The name of the parish and the church village almost always have the same name.

Some towns and cities have been divided into quadrants. These are sometimes further divided by block numbers and/or house numbers. Some of these numbers remain the same to this very day. In most cases, these quadrants and block numbers have been recorded in this project, including the communion book page numbers.

Terms the researcher should understand are ...
County. Regional divisions, created for ecclesiastical and civil purposes. Researchers need to be aware of the county where their ancestors resided. The counties include: Ahvenanmaa / Åland, Häme / Tavastehus, Karjala / Karelen, Kuopio, Kymi / Kymmene, Lappi / Lappland, Mikkeli / St Michel, Oulu / Uleåborg, Turku-Pori / Åbo och Björneborg, Uusimaa / Nyland, Vaasa / Vasa, Viipuri /Viborg.
Län in Swedish. Lääni in Finnish.
Parish. A precise geographical area and its inhabitants who officially comprise one local church district. Parish boundaries became well defined between 1600 -1610.
Församling in Swedish. Seurakunta in Finnish.
Village. Every farm in Finland belongs to a specific village and is clearly listed as such in the communion books. In order for the researcher to locate a farm in the communion book, it is necessary to know the name of the village, or else the researcher will be reading at random to locate the farm. Throughout Finland, especially in the sparsely populated areas, a village noted on a map may still have only a few scattered farms without any central area nor stores. The meaning of a village in Finland is not exactly the same as a village in America.
By(n) in Swedish. Kylä in Finnish.
Church village. Generally, the most populous village in the parish and where the church and parsonage are located. Most church villages and parishes have the same name. Vörå / Vöyri is an exception; the church is located in the village of Rökiö. Frequently in the communion books, the village is noted at the top of each page. The name of the church village is usually not noted, but most commonly only Kyrkoby(n) or Kirkonkylä. In this project, I have listed every village by its actual name. Kyrkoby(n) in Swedish. Kirkonkylä in Finnish.
Farm. A piece of land owned by one person or family. The farm owner was responsible for paying annual taxes to the government. From the date of establishment, every farm was given a name; in most cases the names remain the same today. Since about 1820, if not before, every farm has had a specific number within its village. In many cases, a farm which was established in a remote location in the 1500's developed into a village a century or two later; the village took its name from the earliest farm.
Hemman in Swedish. Maatalo / talo in Finnish.
Croft. A portion of a farm, much like a tenant farm in the US, and also having its own name. Generally, by verbal agreement, the crofter agreed to work for the farm owner for a specified number of days during the next growing season.
Torp in Swedish. Torppa in Finnish.
Drengar / rengit. Unmarried farmhands who own no land.
Dreng / renki = singular form. Plural listed above.
Pigor / piiat. Unmarried servant girls who own no land.
Piga / Piika = singular form. Plural listed above.
Torpare / torppari. Crofter / tenant farmer.
Inhyses / inhyseshjon. Landless person / dependent lodger.
Soldat / sotilas. Soldier
Hyresgäster / vuokraajat. Tenants.
Quarteret. Quadrant, a section of a larger town.
The languages used in the communion books are ...
Finnish and Swedish. Most parishes are Finnish-speaking. A smaller percentage of parishes are Swedish-speaking; in 1880 about 15% of the population in Finland spoke Swedish at home. No more than a handful of parishes were bilingual.

The Language Law took effect in 1863. Before that law, all church records, court records and official governmental records were kept in Swedish. However, even two full decades later the pastors and clerks who kept the records in Finnish-speaking parishes still mixed the two languages together. This complicates the task of creating a farm name and surname index.

Most farm names and croft names in both Finnish and Swedish have definite meanings which can be translated into English. Many names are terms which were taken from nature and animals. Whenever the names have meanings, I have spelled them according to modern spellings. Many times I have made cross-references between their actual spelling and their modern spellings.

In both Finnish and Swedish, the letters "V" and "W" are historically interchangeable. They are pronounced the same. In modern alphabetical listings, including Finnish telephone directories, the two letters are indexed together, not separately! This can be a problem for English speakers who use this farm name index. In order to simplify this dilemma, I have most often used the letter "V" for Finnish names and the letter "W" for Swedish names.

Finnish and Swedish alphabet:
Finnish includes the additional letters, "Ä" and "Ö."

Swedish includes the additional letters, "Å," "Ä," and "Ö."

In both languages, "Y" is always a vowel.

Some Swedish surnames have historically included the accent mark over the last vowel, making the stress on the last syllable. In this report, the accents have been omitted in order to make alphabetizing easier and this index user-friendly.

Examples: Allén, Hildén, Procupé, Wallén / Wallín.

Setting your computer to the international keyboard:
Every genealogist and historian who works with Finnish records will want to set the computer keyboard to the SWEDISH language. The Finnish keyboard is never needed by anyone. Swedish includes both of the same two extra letters as Finnish, plus the extra "Å." All Finnish-speaking researchers will on occasion need the third Swedish letter.

Setting your computer to the Swedish keyboard ...

... click on "My Computer." The click on "Control Panel," and then "Regional Settings." The language options will appear. Choose Swedish. Most computers also have the "Swedish-Finland" option. There is no difference between that and the "Swedish" keyboard.
This project does not include ...
... given names.
... all crofters when they were born on the farm next door. The decision of which to include in this project and which to omit has been my own.
This is an on-going project.
It is my hope that all researchers be able to save time by using this index, learn something new, and perhaps just find this a fascinating project! A current list of the parishes indexed in this project is provided.

Tim Laitila Vincent

Siirtolaisuusinstituutti -- Institute of Migration"

Dweller's name Parish name Village name Farm name/Status Time period

Hämäläinen Sumiainen Sumiainen Ala-Rajala No 7 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Janakkala Vanaantaka Alastalo, pg 328 1862-1868
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Pyyrinlahti Alatalo No 4 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Tampere Finlayson Arbeterskor, H, pg 1350 1867-1877
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Suovanlahti Aukumaa No 8 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Laukaa Niemijärvi Brussila No 3 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Ilmolahti Emoslahti No 6 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Tampere Linnefabriken Gifte arbetare, H, pg 733 1867-1877
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Raikkaus Haapamäki No 2 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keihärinkoski Hakkarila No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Jurvansalo Hakkarila No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Hakkarila No 4 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Kalaniemi Hakola No 4 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Padasjoki Vesijako Handverkare, pg 507 1866-1875
Hämäläinen Tuulos Pohjoinen Häppölä No 2 1866-1875
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Sydänmaa Harjula No 16 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Kalaniemi Hautsalo No 8 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Sumiainen Heinola No 8 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Lumijoki Hirvasniemi Hemmilä No 2 1860 census
Hämäläinen Janakkala Hiitinen Hiitinen tjenstehjon, pg 584 1862-1868
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Vuoskoski Hilmo No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Laukaa Petruma Hirvasmäki No 8 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Laukaa Haapa-Vatia Hirvelä No 10 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Sumiainen Hirvelä No 4 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Vuoskoski Hotakka No 2 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Vesanka Humalamäki No 9 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Kalvola Sauvala Huti, pg 437 1867-1876
Hämäläinen Kokkola Kokkola Hyresfolk, pg 153 1857-1863
Hämäläinen Tampere Tampere Hyresgäster J, pg 524 1867-1877
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Haapajärvi Hyvölä No 3 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Muikunlahti Ilola No 4 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Säräisniemi Vuolijoki Inhyses, pg 184 1859-1869
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Toivakka Iso-Huikko No 1 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Laukaa Niemijärvi Janhola No 1 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Oravasaari Juusola No 10 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Haapajärvi Kaapronmäki No 7 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keitelepohja Kahla No 9 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Padasjoki Vesijako Kainiemi, pg 467 1866-1875
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Kalaniemi Kajama No 2 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Kivijärvi Pudasjärvi Kannonkoski såg 1853-1862
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Korttajärvi Karhujärvi No 10 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Tuulos Pohjoinen Kartano No 5 1866-1875
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Ilmolahti Kauppila No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Korpilahti Muurame Kauppila No 6, pg 268 1867-1876
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Niinilahti Kautiala No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Pyyrinlahti Kautto No 2 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Pyyrinlahti Kautto No 2 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Vieremäjärvi Kettula No 13 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Suovanlahti Kiminki No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Ilmolahti Kinnula No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Ilmolahti Kinnula No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keitelepohja Kohiseva No 7 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Haapaniemi Kokkila No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Kolima Kokko No 5 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Ilmolahti Kokko No 9 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Kolehmainen No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Kolehmainen No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Kolehmainen No 3 1857-186
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Kolehmainen No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keihärinkoski Komu No 11 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Kivijärvi Heinolahti Kotila No 1 1853-1862
Hämäläinen Laukaa Paadentaipale Kovala No 2 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Säkkärämäki Kukkasmäki No 8 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Kumpula No 11 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Seläntaus Kurkilahti No 4 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Kymönkoski Kyminkoski No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Kolima Lähdenmäki No 10 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Jyväskylä Lahti No 7 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Summasjärvi Laiha No 1 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Mahlu Lamminmäki No 1 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Kivijärvi Kivijärvi Länttä No 2 1853-1862
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Muikunlahti Lata-Aho No 2 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Pyyrinlahti Laurila No 3 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Saarijärvi Lehtola No 13 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Lepola No 7 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Haajainen Levälahti No 5 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Raikkaus Lohilahti No 10 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Iisalmi Rural Loisia, H, pg 46 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Iisalmi Rural Loisia, H, pg 63 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Iisalmi Rural Loisia, K, pg 103 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Iisalmi Rural Loisia, K, pg 117 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Iisalmi Rural Loisia, K, pg 135 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Iisalmi Rural Loisia, M, pg 173 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Muurasjärvi Löysät, pg 296 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 813 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 836 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 843 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 861 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 870 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 883 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 886 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 888 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Löysät, pg 889 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Kalmari Löytömäki No 5 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Luomala No 22 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Mäenpää No 1 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Mäkelä No 2 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Sumiainen Mäkelä No 3 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Laukaa Nurmijärvi Mannila No 1 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Palokka Mannila No 3 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Kivijärvi Pudasjärvi Mannila No 3 1853-1862
Hämäläinen Laukaa Lievestuore Markkula No 12 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Raikkaus Matila No 1 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Haajainen Mattila No 12 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Muikunlahti Muikunlahti No 1 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Vuoskoski Multamäki No 4 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keitelepohja Niini No 12 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Pihtipudas Niskala No 14 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Suovanlahti Niskala No 5 1857-186
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Jyväskylä Nisula No 13 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Jyväskylä Nisula No 13 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Iisalmi City Tomttu No 23, pg 53 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi City Tomttu No 28, pg 63 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi City Tomttu No 43, pg 84 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi City Tomttu No 47, pg 88 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi City Tomttu No 55, pg 96 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Suovanlahti Nordträsk No 10 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Suovanlahti Pää No 16 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keihärinkoski Paalala No 2 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Laukaa Säkinmäki Paanala No 1 1851-1861
Hämäläinen Jyväskylä Rural Jyväskylä Palonen No 1 1869-1880
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Sumiainen Pappila 1863-1872
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Pappila Pappila No 1, pg 648 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Pappila Pappila No 25, pg 676 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Pappila Pappila No 26, pg 677 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Iisalmi Rural Pappila Pappila No 33, pg 684 1881-1890
Hämäläinen Reisjärvi Reisjärvi Parkkila No 5 1858-1867
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Huopana Pekkala No 5 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Petäjävesi Ala-Kintaus Pekkanen No 2 1858-1867
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Alvajärvi Pekkarainen No 1 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Muurasjärvi Pekkarainen No 3 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Pihtipudas Muurasjärvi Pekkarainen No 3 1870-1880
Hämäläinen Kivijärvi Kivijärvi Penttilä No 1 1853-1862
Hämäläinen Kivijärvi Kivijärvi Penttilä No 1 1853-1862
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Haapaniemi Penttilä No 2 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Haapaniemi Penttilä No 4 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Saarijärvi Pyyrinlahti Petääniemi No 1 1860-1873
Hämäläinen Kajaani City No 60 Pg 64 1866-1876
Hämäläinen Sund Skarpans* / Military Pg 84 1852-1854
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Jurvansalo Pietilä No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Jurvansalo Pietilä No 3 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Viitasaari Keitelepohja Pietilä No 4 1857-1866
Hämäläinen Sumiainen Raikkaus Pihlajamäki No 6 1863-1872

21-07-07, 04:05
Hi Stuart,
Here are farms with the name Hämäläinen.

Best Regards,

(Farm names)

Dweller's name Parish name Village name Farm name/Status Time period
- Tyrnävä Tyrnävä Hämäläinen No 55 1865-1876
Tanska Tyrnävä Tyrnävä Hämäläinen No 55 1865-1876