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03-09-03, 15:50
I am searching for relatives of my mother whose maiden name was Ekholm. Her father was born in Helsinki in 1878 or 1880. His name was Harold (Harald) Henrik Ekholm. I believe his father's name may have been Hans. I am told my grandfather had two brothers one of whom also came to the United States and settled in Oregon or Washington. The other stayed in Finland. My great-grandfather, Hans, was from Sweden as the story I have heard goes. My grandfather came to the US in 1906, I believe, and then entered again in 1912. In 1906 he went to Meriden, Connecticut, where he worked for one of the Rogers silver companies. I have a 1910 census which places him in CT. By 1918, he was in the Chicago area where he spent the rest of his life. It is my understanding that my mother still had relatives in Finland at the time of her death in June of this year.

June Pelo
03-09-03, 22:11

Have you had any contact with George Eckholm in Oregon? He's on the Finlander list. His father's line was from Korsholm and Pernå. His great grandmother was Anna Lovisa Ekholm.


04-09-03, 15:26
Yes, I corresponded with him last year and he didn't think we had any relation. Thanks.

11-09-03, 02:45
Hi Sharron,
I'm not sure I found your Henrik Ekholm but it could be him. The writing is faint but his name shows up in the index as "Ekholm". There's no 1st name, but his age is 40. He's married with one son. Wife's name is Maria, age 40, born in Wisconsin. Son is Ronald, age 14, born in Illinois.

He's listed as being born in Sweden, and both parents too, and he spoke Swedish.

It says he came to the US in 1893 and was naturalized in 1901.

Can't say for sure it's him but I didn't see any other possibilities, unless, like many others, his name was misspelled.

11-09-03, 07:34
Thanks for hunting kpaavola, but that can't be my grandfather as I have his naturalization papers and he wasn't naturalized until 1921 in Chicago. His wife, Hilda, was born in Finland and they had one daughter, not a son, which was my mother. And I did find him on one Chicago area census. My problem is making the jump back to Finland and/or Sweden to find his parents and on back. And my grandmother's family is a whole other story!!


27-11-03, 02:37
I will be returning to Swenson after thanksgiving so will check the Augustana Lutheran Church, S139 and Calvary Baptist Church, B179 - perhaps we can find some reference to Finland.

Chuck Mäki i Rock Island, Illinois

29-11-03, 05:10
Hi, I can list some Ekholms from the Order of Runeberg obituary list, but without birth or death dates it's hard for you to figure out which one is pertinent.s
Arvid born Kvevlakx, died Mt. View CA
Frans Fredrick b Spindero, d Norwood MA
Walter H b Sideby d Fitchburg Mass
Good luck,

29-11-03, 05:46
I looked at the copy of the manuscript manifest at ellis island for HH Ekholm - he traveled with a man by the name of Hjalmar Gronholm - both were going to Meriden Ct and listed as staying with a friend, A. Vinberg at 111 Britannia St in Meriden. I hope to find somebody at one of the swedish churches but with only about 35% of emigrants joining a church here, it's doubtful.

02-12-03, 22:57
I located this man:
Herald [spelling?] Henrik Ekholm born 16-9-1881 at Helsingfors Finland who arrived from Helsingfors in 1906 and who was written out 2-1-1912.
[His name was misspelled as Ekholm, Harad H in the membership register as well]
I would guess that he might join another Swedish language church in his next location in America.

09-12-03, 00:59
Last name Ekholm
First names Hjalmar Magnus
Other names *
Birth date . .9999
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Merikapt. pka
Home parish Turku
Province TUR
Passport date 13.11.1902
Passport number 3075
Passport valid (year:month) 1:0
Destination Ulkomaat
Passport issued by TUR
Remarks SN??
This is from the Migration Institute's passport list and may be Harald's brother, since he lists a Hjalmar Ekholm as destination on one very illegible page of Ellis Island passenger records.

09-12-03, 01:02
Karl Wilhelm Annasson EKHOLM

Home Page | New Search | Individual | Pedigree | Descendancy | Logout
Birth 19 SEP 1852 Pernå, Finland
Sex Male
Died 17 JUN 1891 Vasa, Finland
Person ID I321

Mother Anna Lovisa EKHOLM, b. ABT 1819
Group Sheet F208

Family 1 Anna Josefina GRANFORS, b. 11 AUG 1864, Närpes, Vasa, Finland
Married 17 OCT 1884 Vasa, Finland
Children > 1. Karl Sigurd Karlsson Ekholm- ECKHOLM, b. 24 DEC 1886, Korsholm, Finland

Group Sheet F195
this is from George Ekholm's family tree. I send it to you because Pernå is in the area around Helsingfors. There are others with Ekholm families in their gedcoms, but so far they are all from Österbotten.

The Hjalmar and Harald both travelled from Stockholm as goldsmiths. If only you could find a record of apprentices training as goldsmiths, you might get a clue as to Harald's home parish. With that, you will open all kinds of doors.

09-12-03, 01:05
Hi again,
the 1912 entry record for Harald Ekholm, age 30, from Helsingfors, indicates that he spent some time in Chicago Illinois, from 1911-1912. And that his father looks to be (nearly illegible) Karl Ekholm???

09-12-03, 01:28
Hi Sharron,
I spent quite some time going through the passenger list sheets for the SS Kaiser Vilhelm II on Ellis Island website. Looking for Andreas Vinberg, who travelled supposedly on that ship on its journey to NY, where it landed on April 13, 1896. However, I didn't find his name on any of the pages. You might try yourself on Ellisisland.org. It's kind of fun anyway. The initial A plus Vinberg, plus the date seemed like it might have been the friend to whom Harald and Hjalmar travelled.

George Eckholm
10-12-03, 00:02
My father Karl Sigurd Ekholm had only one
sister who never married. I can not find about anything on my Great grandmother.
except where she was born.

George Eckholm