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K-G Molander
21-07-07, 19:34
I have

born: 4 Sep 1875
place: Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland
father: Johannes Jacobsson Molander

Moved to USA in 1896 and died there 21 Jun 1897.

My question: Is it correct that he moved to USA and died there? If so, where in USA?

Thank You,

June Pelo
22-07-07, 03:34
According to the Storskrubb-Molander book, Tab. 5: He was not named Johannes, but was Frans, b. 4 Sep 1875, to America 1896, died 21 Jun 1897. There's no indication of where he was in the US or where he died. I noticed he was in the US about a year before his death - sounds like an accidental death. Perhaps someone on Finlander could find a death record for him. I checked the book of births for Nedervetil, and he was listed as Frans Johansson, not Johannes.


K-G Molander
23-07-07, 01:04

Thank You.

23-07-07, 20:14

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June Pelo
15-08-07, 01:36
You asked about Frans Johansson Molander. I have learned that Frans Molander died in Nedervetil, Brännkärr, of consumption on June 21, 1897.

I hope this information is helpful.

K-G Molander
20-08-07, 06:12
Thanks June, I'm greatful for the info.