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June Pelo
21-07-07, 20:08
Two men in California have formed a company to sell a simplified Linux-based PC for $99 and a $12.95 monthly subscription charge. It is a 15-watt PC and can save up to $10 a month in electricity compared with a standard 200-watt PC. Their company is Zonbu and the Zonbu computer will be sold through their web site: zonbu.com It will be available this summer. The computer is the size of a cigar box and uses a low-power Intel-compatible microprocessor - has 4 GB of flash memory instead of a disk drive. It uses a Gentoo version of the Linux operating system and comes with a range of software applications, such as Mozilla Firefox browser, Skype voice-over-Internet service, OpenOffice software suite and games. An additional 25 gigabytes of free online storage is available. They want to target the market as a second PC in a home. The system comes without a keyboard, mouse and monitor, which the company will sell as options. The PC has received the highest certification possible from the Green Electronics Council.


22-07-07, 20:26
Sounds like the perfect gadget to help the African countries south if Sahara (and other developing countries) to develop and get a grip on the IT-world. Unicef and other aid organizations should buy tons of these computers.