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21-07-07, 21:20
Just joined the forum, my great grandfather Matts Leander Anderson came from Purmo in 1886 to Anaconda, Montana. There he married in 1899 Anna Lena Mattsdotter Kallbacka also from Purmo. I saw a post titled "Mystery Photo" that mentioned a Selma Pettersson from Backsbacka. Well in 1907 Matts was returning from Purmo where his wife had died while visiting her mother. He brought back my grandmother Esther and her sister Mabel to Butte on December 8, 1907 on the Lucitania. Selma Backsbacka was listed next to them on the manifest, age 16, mother Greta Backsbacka of Bennas. Matts was meeting his friend Isak Sjoblom of 2213 Fir Street in Butte. His relative in Purmo was brother in law Jakob Viklund of Bennas. It seems Selma's sister was Isak's wife Louise Sjoblom thanks to the photo post. Also interesting is in Butte the Sjoblom's neighbors were Hanna (Johanna) Sandstrom (widow of Andrew) and sons, Johanna was Matts sister. She later married Lee Erickson, a boarder in 1910 at her home. I'm still wondering about which sister of Matts married Jakob Viklund, is anyone related to Andrew Sandstrom (sons Oscar, Albert and Ture), and I have an ancestor chart shaped like a pyramid I can't figure out. Thank you, Jonee

09-08-07, 17:50
Dear Jonee,
Anders With made a family book covering appr 20 families of Purmo. There you can find Matts Leander b. 9/11 1867 on Raak of Purmo. He married Anna Lena Mattsdr 1875-1907 i USA and they had goughters Esther and Mabel. He also married Lovisa Mattsdr 1879-1947 in USA and got daughter Lilian b. 1908 in USA.
His sister Johanna Andersdr 1858-1897 married Jakob Mattsson Viklund 1854-1941 on 11/1 1884 and got Johan b 1/10 1888 at With in Purmo and Maria Charlotta b. 10/8 1884 who married, in USA, an Andersson b. 1883 in Pedersore.
Jakob and Johanna apparently devorsed, because he married Kajsa Lena Andersdr 1859-1947 on 29/1 1899. They got a son Birger Johannes With b. 22/3 1917 at With i Purmo, d. 16/2 1940 at Leipäsuo of Muolaa of Carelia during the winter war.

Is this of any use?

BR Arne

10-08-07, 00:24
Thank you for the information, I am happy to know about Johanna's marriage to Jakob Viklund and their family. I know Matts had a lot of brothers and sisters as his father was married several times. I have some of their names but didn't know who the spouses were. Thanks so much for helping me fill in the family tree, Jonee