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Kaj Granlund
22-07-07, 12:57
I'm planing the family reunion service ( 27 July) for the Hjulfors family (Don Forsman´s´family) And I would like to have the hymns in English too that Syrene (well she knows swedish) and here family can join in singing if they want to. I would like to have some of the present new Swedish hymns and have been trying to find the lyrics for the Frostenson hymn "Jesus från Nasaret" something like Jesus of Nazareth passes by, now like in ancient times. Or the Hallqvist "Min Frälsare lever jag vet att han lever" My Savior lives, I know he is living -----or any other. But there must be something with the copywright that they cannot be publisched online. can anybody help me?

June Pelo
22-07-07, 17:57

Here are many Lutheran hymns:

You can find more at http://www.google.com and type Lutheran hymns in the search box - or type the name of the hymn.


June Pelo
22-07-07, 18:04

I just ran across this with the words and music for Jesus of Nazareth Passes By:


Kaj Granlund
23-07-07, 08:56
Thanks. But I've been searching those links without success already. And that verison of Jesus of Nazareth is not either the correct one I'm looking for. Hmmm must say it was a false Jesus this time :)


June Pelo
25-07-07, 02:01

There are some very nice hymns here, but for some reason I can't open it today: http://home.pcisys.net/~don_erickson/swede.htm


25-07-07, 09:48
Try this (http://home.comcast.net/%7Edon.erick/swedish/swede.htm) address

25-07-07, 11:31
I noted that Don Erickson has classified "Där björkarna susa" as a folk song. It was, however, written by Viktor Sund in Jakobstad and composed by Oskar Merikanto. It is a very popular song. My brother-in-law will sing it in church at my son's wedding later this summer.

Viktor Sund was a school teacher. A story tells that his tax declaration went like this:

Ingen katt,
ingen hund,
ingen skatt,
Viktor Sund.


Karen Norwillo
25-07-07, 18:38
I sent my information to Torvald Hjulfors on my family, along with some pictures. I hope he received it. I wish I could be there for the gathering.
Karen Norwillo (Långsjö, Hjulfors ancestors)