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Annica Kohkoine
23-07-07, 20:55
Hello! :)
My name is Annica Kohkoinen, I am from sweden, Umeå. I live with my husband who is born in Torneåvalley (he speaks meänkieli and finnish) and his two children 12 and 10. My children (23 and 20) has moved out.
My mother in law is from Pello, Finland and thats why I joined this forum - I have some loose ends.

Here is some of the surnames I stumbled up on.
Kantelinen, Kotilainen, Leppäniemi, Pulli, Rauhala, Ruotsalainen, Ruuskanen, Tapio, Tuunainen, Vanhatalo ....

June Pelo
23-07-07, 21:37

If you are looking for information about any of those names, if you give some information about them, perhaps someone can help you. My Pelo name is from Nedervetil and I'm sure it does not link to your Pello name.


24-07-07, 14:32
Are your Vanhatalo's from the Parkano area? I have Vanhatalo's in my ancestry. What are the names you are searching for? Welcome to the Finlander Forum. :) You will find many helpful people here!


Annica Kohkoine
24-07-07, 23:25
Hi Denise

Thanks for the welcome. My Vanhatalo is from Raanujärvi, Ylitorniossa. I don't know where in Finland that is. It's the father of Frans Oskari Tapio b. 18770304 Rovaniemi d. 19530511 Pello. His name is Juho Vanhatalo married to Brita Maria Tapio b. 18550613 Rovaniemi d. 19190222

25-07-07, 03:39
Hi Annica,
Roveniemi is the capital of Lapland, Finland. If you look at the map it is right across the Tornio river from Haparanda, Sweden.http://www.windowsonthewild.com/countries/sweden_nmap.htm

On this site: http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/ Click on ARKISTAT (on the left side of the screen), then go to MAAKUNNITTAIN/LANDSKAP on the top right of the page. Scroll down until you get to #19 LAPPI/LAPLAND, click on that and it will bring you to what parish books are online to search. It is a bit difficult and I am just learning how to use the site. But, I noticed there are Vahatalo names on there. Maybe you will be more more familiar with reading parish books than I am. I hope this helps you. :) By the way, Ylitorniossa is Swedish for the parish of Ylitornio in Finnish.

Best Regards,

25-07-07, 03:58
Hi Annica,
On this site http://www.genealogia.fi/historia/indexe.htm you will also find records. Click on SEARCH PROGRAM FOR HISTORY BOOKS, and then click on the map #19, which is Lapland. There you will find the various parishes to search for that area and Ylitornio will be among the parishes in Lapland.
I hope this helps you, although you may find that the records do not go to the years you are trying to search. On the site you will find christenings, deaths, and marriages.

Best Regards,

25-07-07, 14:17
Brita Marias föräldrar och syskon enligt Hiski:

Rovaniemi - döpta
Född Döpt By Gård Far Mor Barn

13.6.1855 8.7.1855 p.3 Bondesonen Karl Jakobsson Tapio Kaisa Maria 25 Brita Maria

15.1.1860 20.3.1860 Bckstmn Karl Jakobss: Tapio Kaisa Maria 30 Karl Robert

22.2.1862 3.4.1862 Backstuguk. Karl Jakobs. Tapio Kaisa Maria 32 Matts
__________________________________________________ ____________

Rovaniemi - vigda
Lysning Vigd By Gård Man Hustru By Gård

18.1.1854 Bd.s. Carl Jacobss. Tapio Pig. Caisa Maria Joh.dr. Rauhala

Christina Nordback