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25-07-07, 00:02

My name is Corine and I married into a Finnish family. I have been interested in genealogy since I was a young child, so naturally wanted to research my husband's lines.

Am interested in any and all info on PUTAANSUU and variations PUTAS, PUDAS, PUTAHANSUU, PUTAHANPERÄ; also WIRSU, LEPISTÖ, and TÖRMÄLÄ. The families lived in and around Siikajoki and Revonlahti.

My husband's great-grandfather, Jaakko Putaansuu, came to Washington state abt 1905 via Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada (arr 1893). Some of his siblings also came to Canada and remained there.

Thanks for the help!
Corine from the Seattle area

28-07-07, 12:19
Have you noticed, that our famous monster, Mr Loordi`s name is Tomi Putaansuu. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomi_Putaansuu


30-07-07, 03:03
Yes, when I Google "Putaansuu" Tomi fills most of the first page hits. My husband is usually one of the hits on the first page, too. And I've noticed the queries I've posted on other sites come up.

I assume Tomi is somehow related. As far as I know, the only Putaansuu farm/s are/were around Siikajoki. Has anyone done Tomi's genealogy? ;)

A Putaansuu second cousin is taking a trip to Finland soon and plans to do some searching. Hopefully she will find something.


30-07-07, 17:14

I foud the farmname Putaansuu with a map search from Kemijärvi, Rovaniemi and Pudasjärvi. As a surname it has been used at the 1800-s´ mainly in Kemi countryside and Rovaniemi, but in Ii and Siikajoki too. Mr Loordi is from Rovaniemi, I think.

In Siikajoki it seems, that the familymembers are descendants of Henrik Matsson Putahanperä (eldest child 1780, HISKI). Just a guess, but propably you know this.

Dont´you know, when Jaakko Putaansuu was born ?


31-07-07, 01:34
Thanks for the map search. It didn't occur to me that "Putaansuu" would be the name of more than one farm, but it makes sense. I have found my way back to Henr. Mattss. Putahanperä and his wife Anna Thomasdtr. recently. I just wish there were more records online.

Jaakko Juhonpoika Putaansuu was born 16 July 1871 in Siikajoki. He married Kaisa Sofia Törmälä (b. 6 Jan 1871 Siikajoki?) about 1892. "Jacob Putas" went to Port Arthur, Ontario, CAN in 1893, "Sophia" followed in 1896. Family oral history says they had a daughter Hannah who died before Sophia went to Canada. I have not found an online record to support this.

Jaakko had 3 or 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Oral history says one sister was his twin but I have no name for her. One of Jaakko's brothers was Albert John Pudas father of Albert Pudas, Jr. of Canadian Olympic hockey fame.

I've sent GedCom to Hasse, so when he has time it should go on Talko.