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24-07-07, 23:31
Looking for family of Brita Caisa Pehrsdottir Lepistö (b. 16 Aug 1809). She married Heikki Heikinpoika Putaansuu (b. 28 July 1814 Siikajoki) abt. 1833.

Thanks, Corine

m. kemi
15-09-07, 19:35

I have some information about this family and i know a person who has same ancestors with you - at least concerning putaansuu ancestors.
I hope you get something new from this message
here is a quotation from a email send to me. It may help you too;

"Tenant farmer Heikki Heikki's son Putaansuu, born 28 September 1785 in Siikajoki, died 11 May 1856, wife Liisa Matt's daughter (maiden name not shown), born 13 December 1784 in Siikajoki, died 19 March 1872, child within the marriage (???? not shown) here was according to the church records one child:
Heikki, born 28 July 1814 in Siikajoki, died 18 October 1888, 1. wife Brita Kaisa (maiden name Lepistö),born 16 August 1809, died 23 March 1866, 2. wife Liisa Juho's daughter, nee Holmsten, born 05 October 1820 Siikajoki, died 05 April 1904, marriage 13 February 1869 husband's second marriage, wife's first marriage, from which here there were no children, husband's first marriage from which there were the following children:
Juho, born 09 October 1837 in Siikajoki, died 31 October 1921, wife Greeta Stiina Heimi's daughter (maiden name not shown), born 23 July 1842 in Revonlahti (from which came the marriage in 1860), died 05 January 1921, the following children within the marriage:

From what I can figure out, Juho & Greeta Stiina were my great-grandparents. My grandfather Albert Pudas (1868 - 1958) was their son. And therefore Heikki (1814 - 1888) & Brita Kaisa (1809 - 1866) were my great-great-grandparents.

My records only show one child of Heikki Heikinp. (1785 - 1856) & Liisa Matintr. (1784 - 1872) so I am pleased to see information about more children from you."

M. Kemi