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B Hendrickson
25-07-07, 18:29
Looking for information on my husband's family. They were Swedish Finns. His grandfather was Victor Hendrickson, b. 26 Nov 1879 possibly in Kristinestad. His parents were Anna Carlson, b. 13 May 1853 and Charles/ Carl Hendrickson, b. 20 June 1849 both in Finland. They were wed there about 1871-72. They also had daughter Anna while in Finland. b. 20 Jan 1873. The story in the family is that Charles came to the U.S. 2 yrs. before Anna and the children did. Have a variaty of dates for immigaration, 1881-1886 taken from census records. We know that the spelling of HENDRICKSON would have been different in Finland but we aren't sure how.
Please any help with this would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
Barbara Dill Hendrickson

Kaj Granlund
01-08-07, 21:47
Did you try at www.genealogia.fi. Hendriksson would likely have been Henriksson or Henrikson in Finland. But it is also possible that this is a patronymicon that they changed to a familyname as they immigrated and that Anna was Carlsdotter (daughter of Carl). The local dialet in that region said "Hindrik" for Henrik so transforming that to Hendriksson wouldn't either have been strange.
It is also possible that "Carl" was one of his middle names, but the one that he was able to use in USA without any problem.

02-08-07, 01:13
and also if you knew where they first lived in America (town and state), that could be a big help.

Karen Norwillo
02-08-07, 17:20
I found your family in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records for Casnovia, Muskegon, Michigan. As you said, year of immigration varies from 1881-1886. In 1900, Hendrickson, Charles Jun 1849, 50, married 26 yrs. US 1886, in country 14 yrs., Farmer. Anna, May 1853, 47, 6 children-4 living. Son Vicktor, Nov 1880, 20, Finland, single. Son Albert, Feb 1888, 12, MI and daughter Selma, Jan 1890, 10, MI.
1910, same place, Charles is 61, married 36 yrs. farmer, Anna 56, 6 children-4 living, Albert is 22, Selma is 20. Now says yr. of immigration 1883.
Victor is now married, is 30, US 1883, mason. Wife Esther, 28, Sweden, daughters Alice, 4 and Ruth A 4/12, born MI.
1920 same place, Charles is 70, says US 1881, Anna is 60, wrong age-should be 66, says US 1883.Victor is 40, says US 1878, wrong, laborer motor plant.
Esther is 38, says US 1910, wrong, they already had a 4 yr old in 1910, Alice is 13, Ruth 10, Violet 7, Carl 4 1/12 and Edward 10/12. All born MI.

WWI Draft Registration
Victor Hendrickson, 38, Nov 26, 1879, Finland, lives Bailey, Muskegon, MI.
wife Ester Hendrickson, signed Sep. 12, 1918.
Hope this helps abit, but it sure doesn't clear up the innigration year.
Karen Norwillo

B Hendrickson
21-08-07, 03:15
Hi Karen,
Thank you for the time it took to look up the information that you did on my family. I already have this info but as you can see it is a challenge to sort out the dates. To make things worse by 1930, Charles & Anna, dau. Anna's husband, dau. Selma, son Victor, his wife Ester and their dau. Alice had all passed away. Five of them from T.B. so there isn't much family history to go on.
Michigan took 1884 & 1894 state census and they are on file in the archives at the state library in Lansing so I am hoping to get there in the next week or two and maybe there will be some information on them that will help.
Again, thank you so much.

Barbara Hendrickson

Karen Norwillo
21-08-07, 15:54
Have you found any naturalization papers for any of them? That usually always has the date of emigration. Since it looks like they stayed in MI, they should be available from Lansing or the county they lived in, if they were naturalized. I know my grandfather's had loads of info. I got his from the county. There is a Charles Gustaf Fredrickson who's first papers are on record in Muskegon county, book V2 page 325. No second papers. County clerk Karen D Buie 990 Terrace, 2nd floor Muskegon, MI 49442. email clerk*co.muskegon.mi.us