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Karen Norwillo
26-07-07, 19:58
I recently received some info from a distant cousin in Tampere which differs from what I have. Maybe someone can help. Records would be from Salla or Kemijärvi.
Mikko Mikonpoika Jaakkola Sulasalmi, (2.5.1768 - 21.6.1854) married either Briita Ollintytär Koria (1.4.1768 or 11.4.1768) or Margeta Juhontytär Koria- (21.9.1768.) Both sources give the same wedding date 1.5.1789. I have same death dates for Briita as 17.10.1857 and for Margeta as 17.10.1857.
HISKI has a Briita Ollintytär dying 27.4.1768, shortly after birth. I found no other Briita born 1768.
Any help greatly appreciated. Won't have to change my program too much as marriage and death dates are same.
Karen Norwillo

Karen Norwillo
28-07-07, 01:34
It would appear from records of household rolls on FFHA, that Mikko was married to Margeta or Greta as she is found on both the 1846-1852 and 1853-1859 records. But they have her year of birth as 1767 not 1768. Karen