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Karen Norwillo
09-08-07, 16:24
I'm looking for the dates of death for my great-uncle Johannes Andersson Långsjö-Sjöberg, born 16 Jun 1876 in Esse and his wife, Maja Andersdotter Kroksjö-Sjöberg-Hernesaho, born 7 Sep 1876. It may have been in Evijärvi.
Johannes was the brother of my paternal grandmother, Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Långsjö.

24-08-07, 01:19
This has nothing to do with your posting, but I wanted to find a way to thank you for the information I found about my grandmother Maria Sofia Långsjö.

Karen Norwillo
24-08-07, 16:14
You're quite welcome. Maria Sofia was my grandmother'a sister. I have been in close touch with the Rajala descendants of her family for years. Drop me a line on PM.
Karen, your second cousin.