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09-08-07, 18:27
Karl Lans came to U.S. from Helsinki in 1906 and 1907. We believe he had four brothers (and a sister(s))who all changed their names. From the old postcards dated from 1906 to 1927, I believe that those names were his family.(Peltonen, Karlsson, Wirtanen, Lans, Wigren, Forsman). Iwould like to find living relatives to learn about his life and theirs. The names on the postcards and from where they were sent: (Tampere,Fredericksberg) Aina and Kalle Peltonen-children ? Liise, Johan.Orvokki. (Helsinki)-A. and J. Wigren(Vikren)(children Emeli, Juhan). (Helsinki,Fredericksberg)-B(?Bertha) and Hjalmar Karlsson(children-Sylvi, Toini, Rafael, Bertha,Tauno)). (Helsinki)-Hilda and Karl Wirtanen. Tampere-Lans(children-Linda, Liise, Leino, Veikki). (Helsinki)-Auna and Karl Forsman. Karls' father's was Henrik and his mother's name was Ida Sachlen(from Stockholm) One or the other's father was a minister. Henrik may have had a second marriage.